Beds that double as, or include, a sofa are the perfect, stylish, space saving solution for sleepovers and unexpected guests. The beauty of bed settees, as well as other multifunctional furniture, is that is saves on floor space, perfect for smaller rooms.

Beds with sofa’s are not only great for those sleepovers and guests but also for providing an additional space to relax, read or play games.
Highsleeper beds with a sofa futon underneath are a great, space saving way to have an extra bed for sleepovers. Having a multifunctional children’s bed settee means that any spare room which you would have used for guests, can be used for other purposes. Having a bed with a sofa means that you get the versatility of an extra bed without having to find the extra space; which can often be a concern.

The Perfect Place for Reading and Relaxing

It can be very beneficial for children to have separate spaces to relax, chill, play games or read from the place that they sleep. If you are constantly doing other things in bed, it can become disassociated with sleep. Having a high bed with a sofa underneath provides these separate spaces in a stylish and space saving way.

Daybeds are another great way to incorporate both a bed and sofa into one. During the day it can be a sofa; for relaxing, playing or watching the TV but then at night it is a bed once again ready for a quality night’s sleep without having to compromise on style.