For children and teenagers who like to have a bit of extra space whilst they sleep, Room to Grow have an impressive range of children’s double beds. Whilst double beds are a popular choice for teenagers, they aren’t just suitable for them; they are great for any child who craves a little extra

Our children’s double beds are available in a range of different styles to suit an array of different bedroom designs and styles. As double beds are a larger piece of furniture, they will definitely be the focal point of the entire room, so design is important. Upholstered beds are great for those who are
looking for a luxurious feel to the room as they really are a statement piece of furniture and provide a great amount of comfort too.

Low Double Beds For Sale

Room to Grow have an impressive range of low double beds which are suitable for children and teenagers alike. From wooden to metal frames there are stylish designs to suit most children and will grow with them through the years. With wooden and metal frames you also get the option of underbed storage. Low boxes can be stored under the bed which is great for bedding or seasonal clothes.

For a multifunctional option there are extending day beds. These can double as a sofa during the day and come with an array of children’s storage options underneath. Room to Grow offer room sets
alongside certain double beds to make sure your children’s bedroom furniture is all matching.

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