What age can a child use a single bed?

There is no specific age when a child should move to a single bed, it all depends on the child. Typically, most toddlers transition to a bed between 18 months and three years, however it can differ. You’ll likely be able to tell when your child is ready for a single bed as they will start climbing out of their cot. When you do transition your child to a kids single bed be sure to put a guard rail on their bed to prevent them rolling out of bed. They’ll be used to the side of the cot being there, or even a low style bed which sits on the floor so there is no danger of falling out of bed. If you feel your child is too small for a full-size single bed, you can opt for a toddler bed which is slightly smaller and less overwhelming.

How safe are children’s beds?

Safety is fundamental when it comes to children’s furniture of any kind; which is why at Room to Grow we make safety our priority. All our beds are tested in line with European safety standards and comply with British Standards. In addition to this, all materials, fabric and wood used are safe and non-toxic.

What are the main types of single beds?

There are a few different types of single beds, all with slightly different features. The main types would be; standard single beds, day beds, cabin beds and trundle beds.

Trundle beds are generally the same as a standard single bed, with the addition of an under bed drawer which can be used as a guest bed. Trundle beds are great for having guests to stay or sleepovers.

Day beds are single beds which also resemble a sofa; generally, they have three surrounding boards and are pushed up against a wall; this way they can use as both a sofa and bed.

Cabin beds are single beds which are slightly elevated and include plenty of built-in storage. Cabin beds are great for rooms which are short on floor space as they make use of the space you do have.

Best children’s single bed options for smaller rooms?

The best single bed options for smaller rooms are those which include extra storage options. Having storage within the bed frame is ideal for smaller rooms as it means you don’t need to find space for additional storage such as a chest of drawers or bookshelves. Cabin beds and loft beds are therefore perfect for smaller rooms as they include integrated storage options.