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Toddler beds are perfect for that transition stage from a cot to a real bed. Sleep is vital for growing children, especially in early development so it is important that toddlers are given the space to grow and get a good night’s sleep whilst being kept secure and comfortable. When it is time to transition from a cot, parents can be wary about the safety of a ‘real bed’ but having a toddler bed is a great option.

The advantages of a toddler bed

Toddler beds can be shorter than the average child’s bed which means they will still have the extra room required to grow without feeling overwhelmed by a larger bed. They tend to come with detachable safety rails which give parents the added comfort of knowing they are safe and secure.

Make bedtime fun with a toddler bed that your child will be happy to sleep in whilst ensuring you are secure in the knowledge that they will get a good night’s sleep. Toddler beds are practical and durable, perfect for a child’s formative years.

Whilst safety and comfort are key in toddler bed’s, they can still be fun and versatile. Day beds are often a great transition bed as they can incorporate detachable safety rails whilst providing plenty of underbed storage. Some even offer the addition of a trundle bed which is great for sleepovers.

Built to last, some toddler beds can be converted into single beds or bunk beds as your child gets older.

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