How to maximise space with children’s furniture?

A common problem in many homes is a lack of space, especially in modern houses. Therefore, any way to utilise the furniture to maximise space is essential; having enough storage is important in any bedroom to avoid clutter and mess but it can often take up quite a lot of space.

Floor space is important in a child’s room as they need the space to be able to play and move around safely. One of the best ways to maximise floor space in a child’s bedroom is to utilise the walls and build upwards.

How safe is children’s furniture?

All our children’s furniture is designed with safety as a number one priority. All furniture is manufactured according to the relevant safety legislation and non-toxic materials are used.

It is important that safety advice is followed attaining to children’s furniture in the home as well. For example, children should be made aware that climbing on the furniture is extremely dangerous. Where possible fixing furniture to walls can help prevent any accidents.

What Age Can a Child Have Their Own Room?

There is no specific age at which a child can have their own room but generally, babies aged 6 months and over, sleep better when in their own bedroom. It can be difficult to put your baby in their own room for the first time but in the long run, it will help their sleep quality. With toddlers and younger children, it is important to ensure they are supervised when playing in their room.