We have a variety of chairs and stools which are ideal for both the bedroom and playroom. Having somewhere comfortable to sit to do homework, arts and crafts or to just sit whilst watching TV is an
essential part of a children’s room or playroom.
We have a range of chairs varying from wooden desk chairs and swivel chairs to stools which are adjustable. The adjustable chairs are great for children’s desks and will be long lasting as they can be adjusted as necessary when your child grows.

Dedicated Study Space

Having a space where children can concentrate and dedicate some time to their studies is important, if they have a space which is specifically for homework it is more likely that they will be willing to do it and that their concentration levels will be higher. Having their own study space is a great step as they grow up and become more independent. In order to have a study space which is optimal for doing work it is important that they are comfortable and free of distractions.
In addition to chairs which are perfect for studying Room to Grow have a variety of stools which are a great addition to a playroom or bedroom. The beauty of a stool is that it can actually double as a number of things; it can be used as a children’s bedside table if necessary, an extra seat at the dinner table if required or even a place for a time out if it comes to it!
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