Kids love to play and it is important for the wellbeing that they are able to do so. Kids who have played and enjoyed themselves throughout the day are more likely to be able to sleep well at night and wake up refreshed for the next day.

Children have wild imaginations; it is important to let them explore these and be creative. We are proud to have a variety of Playtime items to help spur this creativity and imagination.

We have a variety of playhouses which can be used both indoor and out; they are available in a variety of designs and sizes so there is something for everyone. Playhouses can provide endless entertainment for children; whether they are playing games or simply sat reading in them they make a great addition.

For children who enjoy cars; we have a range of ride-on toys which are designed to entertain younger children; the beautifully crafted cars will provide hours of fun and games.

To make playtime magical, take a look at our wigwams and tepees; children can let their imagination run wild and spend endless time in these having fun; or simply create a den or personal hideout to enjoy. They can even sleep in one if they like!

The Importance of Fun

Playtime is incredibly important for children, it helps them learn valuable life skills, get exercise and stay healthy. We all know the important of sleep, but without playtime sleep wouldn’t come about as easily so it is essential to keep the balance.

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