Room to Grow offer a wide variety of stylish and practical beds for teenagers which will appease even the most fashion-conscious.

For smaller rooms, high sleeper beds allow for plenty of underbed storage, and offer the option of an integrated desk – perfect for studying! There is also the possibility to opt for an underbed sofa or sofa bed, ideal for chilling with friends or relaxing during a study break.

Trundle beds are perfect for sleepovers and offer a practical solution when having guests to stay. When visiting, guests will be able to shut their eyes and have a comfortable night’s sleep, and in between visitors, the pull-out drawer doubles as storage space, perfect for homing extra bedding or clothing.

Stylish single beds such as day beds are a cool and chic option for your teen, they provide a relaxing space for both day and night as they can double as a sofa. They usually have a large amount of under bed storage perfect for storing bedding, clothes and books.

Upgrade Your Trundle Bed

If you are looking to upgrade to a teenager’s double bed, Room to Grow offer a large range of contemporary doubles, perfect for teens who are looking for a little extra sleeping room. With various styles and designs on offer, they are sure to impress the style savvy teen. And, you won’t need to worry about storage, as most come with plenty of under bed storage where you can slot shallow boxes.

Shop teen and children’s beds with Room to Grow today.

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