Children's Day Beds: Handy Day Beds For Kids With Trundle Storage

Children's Day beds are a wonderfully practical option for any child at any age - a comfortable seating area during the day which converts to a kids single bed for the nighttime.

Day Beds

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    stompa ck daybed with drawers cutout of Stompa CK Daybed with drawers
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    Stompa CK Day Bed With Underbed drawers

    Product Benefits * New England style White Wooden Day Bed * Suitable for small bedrooms, slim frame * 2 x underbed drawers, great for storage of toys or bedding * Can be used as a sofa in the day and bed at night * Mattress offer when bought with the...
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    Classic kids daybed with trundle Stompa CK daybed with trundle open
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    Stompa CK White Day Bed With Trundle

    Product Benefits * White wooden Day bed * Trundle drawer for sleepovers or can be used as a storage drawer * Timeless tongue & groove design to suit any bedroom or guest room * Can be used as a sofa by day and bed at night * Mattress offers when...
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    Alpine Daybed Alpine Daybed with trundle

    Alpine Daybed

    Product Benefits: * Natural wood frame with Solid white panels for Scandinavian look * Perfect for smaller bedrooms with limited space * Suitable for Age 4+ Size: Length 211.2 cm Width 98.2 cm Height 76.6 cm Requires a European Single Mattress, size...
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    Thuka Nordic Daybed with grooved headboards Nordic daybed open with grooved headboards

    Nordic Day Bed with drawers & trundle

    £419.00 - £449.00
    Product Benefits * Space saving single day bed * Single bed with trundle bed and storage drawers in one * Wooden Scandinavian pine frame * Great for sleepovers * Can be used as a sofa in the day and bed at night * Great for all ages Size Length 210...
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    Sleep Day Bed Sleep Day Bed White with Shelving
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    Sleep Day Bed

    Product Benefits * Perfect storage day bed * Integrated shelving and 2 storage drawers * Suitable from age 4 up to teens Size Length 203 cm Width 113 cm Height 82 cm What's Included * Day Bed Frame * Intergrated shelves  * 2 underbed...
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    Stompa classic kids daybed Ck Daybed cut out
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    Stompa CK Day Bed

    Product Benefits * Scandinavian pine white Day Bed * Can be used as a sofa by day and bed at night * Timeless tongue & groove panelling * Great for guest rooms Size Length 198.4 cm Width 98.4 cm Height 80 cm Requires a Single Mattress size 90x190cm...
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    Ella Day Bed 90x200cm Ella Day Bed
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    Ella Day Bed 90x200cm

    Product Benefits: * Beautiful classic French Style * Crisp white finish * Optional trundle drawer available Size: Length 208 cm Width 96 cm Height 83 cm Requires a European Single Mattress, size 90x200cm.  What's Included: * Day bed frame * Wooden...
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    Paris Metal Daybed White Room 1 Metal Daybed White Room
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    Paris Metal Daybed

    Product Benefits: * Elegant metal Daybed * Available in White or Black * Stylish design to last throughout childhood and teenage years Size: Length 205 cm Width 94.5 cm Height 89.5 cm Requires a European Single Mattress, size 90x200cm.  What's...
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    Heritage day bed with extending bed Heritage day bed
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    Heritage Extending Day Bed

    Product Benefits * Space saving single day bed * Extending bed to form a super king width bed * Extra bed is at the same bed height so perfect for guests  * Wooden Scandinavian pine frame with laquered oak detailing * Great for sleepovers * Can be...
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    Heritage daybed with drawer open Heritage extending day bed with storage drawer
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    Heritage Extending Day Bed with Storage Drawer

    Product Benefits * Space saving single day bed * Extending bed to form a super king width bed * Extra bed is at the same bed height so perfect for guests  * Handy storage drawer under bed * Wooden Scandinavian pine frame with laquered oak...
  • Jango White Daybed

    Jango Day Bed

    Product Benefits * Stylish, classic design * Crisp white, easy to clean finish * High quality materials for a premium finish * 5 year guarantee   Size:   Length 199 cm Width 100 cm Height 67 cm - headboard height Requires a UK single Mattress...
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    nyc solid wood grey day bed grey day bed with trundle opened - no mattress shown
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    NYC Children's Day Bed

    Product Benefits * Solid wooden Grey/White Day Bed * Natural product shows the beauty of the grain and knots in the wood * Great bed for hanging out with friends in the day and a cosy bed at night * Continental 3ft single bed, requires mattress 90 x 200...
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    Terrassa day bed cutout of Terrassa day bed with storage drawers open
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    Terrassa DayBed

    Product Benefits * 2 beds in 1 * Sleepover bed pulls out from under day bed on castors * Sleepover bed is freestanding so can be moved elsewhere in the bedroom * Handy storage drawers for bedding * Contemporary styling Size Length 206 cm Width 96.2...

Many of our day beds also come with trundle storage making them perfect for when bedroom space is at a premium! Kid's day beds also make great guest beds, or for sleepovers at Grandma's! Take a look at our kid's day beds buying guide for more information.

What is a daybed?

Daybeds are multi-functional, they can be used for both sleeping & lounging, a half-bed, half-sofa. They can be located in either a bedroom or living area too.

Is a daybed suitable for everyday use?

A kid’s day bed is great for everyday use as a bed coming with 3 sides or by doubling up as a comfortable seating area throughout the day – hence the name ‘day’ bed! Children’s day beds are incredibly versatile so have many other purposes other than a bed but their primary purpose is to be used as a bed, Room to Grow has some great options for everyday use.

Can a daybed be used as a regular bed?

Yes, daybeds can be used everyday as a regular bed. They are a great option if space is limited in a room.

Are day beds smaller than single beds?

Most kid’s day beds are the same as a standard sized single bed. This means that most day bed frames would suit a standard single-sized mattress size of 90cm x 190cm. This, however, makes them larger than most standard single-sized sofa beds. Day beds often have a backboard that runs the full length of the bed allowing a wide space suitable for sitting and relaxing when not being used as a bed.

What are the main benefits of a daybed?

The main benefit of a children’s day bed is its functionality in that it doubles up as a comfortable sofa bed that can be used as a sitting space for when the bed is not being used for sleep. Another benefit of a day bed is how easily customizable it is; with a simple change of bed linen, you can completely revamp the look of the bed; this makes it great for kids that love to change things around in their room or for kids that are growing up fast and need a change! The day bed also often comes with trundle storage allowing you to truly maximize space in your child’s room; a day bed with a trundle is perfect for when space is at a premium.

What is a day bed with trundle?

A day bed with trundle is a, as suggested, a kid’s day bed with a roll-out trundle as an attachment. A trundle attachment for a day bed allows for an extra bed without the extra space; allowing another mattress to be stored and pulled out from just underneath the bed. A day bed with trundle is one of the most versatile beds on the market allowing to not only double up as a bed and sitting area but with an added guest bed; making them ideal for sleepovers and guestrooms!

Day Beds: Offering Comfortability and Versatility

A day bed is a practical option for a children’s bedroom, they are very versatile and stylish. Day beds are a great option for when bedroom space is at a premium as they are truly multifunctional and double as a sofa or bed settee during the day. Some day beds even come with a spare bed underneath; even better for when you’re short on space. Day beds offer a perfect space for both relaxing during the day and sleeping at night. Having the right bed is super important for ensuring your child gets the best night’s sleep possible. One of the most important factors in ensuring a quality night’s sleep for your child is making sure they are comfortable and happy in their bed and bedroom; having a nice, comfy bed is usually the biggest part of this. Make sure you take a look at our day beds buying guide to help select the perfect bed for your requirements.

Sofa by day, kids single bed by night

Having a single day bed that can double as a sofa or bed settee is ideal, not only in smaller bedrooms but also for when guests stay. The versatility of a single day bed is ideal for when floor space is a premium; the underbed storage options are excellent for storing things such as clothes and bedding and then double as a trundle bed for when guests come to stay. Children’s day beds are a great bed for children, as they are a little different to a standard children's single bed, so it will provide them with a fun new addition to their room, that they can enjoy throughout the day and night. Shop Day Beds with Room to Grow.

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