Story Time

Once upon a time (1996 to be precise) in the beautiful spa town of Ilkley, West Yorkshire a little independent shop called Room to Grow opened in a small unit on Church Street.  We quickly developed a reputation as a trusted independent shop that offered great service, expertise (we REALLY know about sleep!) and fantastic value. 

Why Room to Grow you ask?  Well it’s simple.  Children and teenagers can achieve their best potential with the help of a great night’s sleep, in a bedroom they feel safe, content and secure in. That’s our job: to help your children grow by getting the best bedroom at the best possible price.

Soon people started to visit from all over the land and we realised that our passion for beautiful beds should be shared with the whole (United) Kingdom so instead we opened the shop you’re visiting right now.

Now we deliver throughout the UK but someday the world will benefit too!

The End ……

Not really, keep reading for the rest of the tale

Experts in Sleep …….  

Happy Children Means Happy Parents

As a mother of a tweenager I know how important it is for a child to have a bedroom that meets their needs and yours.  And don’t they grow up quickly?! 

We specify our products so they can adapt to the changing needs of your family.  We balance practical requirements with emotional and spiritual needs.  I know that we all need to match our budgets to get the best possible solution for the available space, whilst also keeping our children happy.

There are practical considerations: how to use the space effectively, selecting the most durable materials, will the room be shared with a sibling or will it be required to adapt to guests and sleepovers?  Will it be inherited by a younger brother or sister?

And there are more emotional and spiritual needs: a space that a child can feel safe and secure in.  A space that reflects their personalities to enrich and inspire them.  A space they’re proud to show their friends.  It should also reflect the style of the rest of the home. 

We know how a child’s needs change as they grow and that’s why our product specialists are experts and happy to chat through all the options to make sure you make the right choice. They will talk you through options like a mid sleeper with space for a den underneath the bed;  a space saving cabin bed with storage  and a pull out desk underneath for study; a bunk bed for children sharing a room or a high sleeper with futon chair below for relaxing and socialising with friends.

We love to help parents create the perfect bedroom …. after all, happy children means happy parents.

Sustainability is everything

As I mum I’m so aware of how important it is to look after our environment to protect it now and for our children’s future. This is why we carefully select manufacturers whose factories source wood from PEFC and FSC certified forests.  This means our forests are protected through sustainable forest management ensuring they will be around for generations to come.

Our Reassurance

All our beds are tested to EU and British standards to ensure their safety and your peace of mind.

National Bed federation logo

Where possible we work with UK manufacturers that are approved by the National Bed Federation. The NBF are a leading, impartial authority on beds and mattresses.

We offer a Room to Grow 2 year guarantee on all our beds and furniture. Some of our manufacturers extend this guarantee up to 5 years or even 10 years for some mattresses. We will tell you about this on each product page.

Our Beliefs

Room to Grow is a family-led business.  We’re an eclectic bunch all driven by a passion to deliver the best for our customers.  Many of us are parents who can relate directly to needs of our customers and all of us are experts in our products.

Our Core Values are what we truly believe as both individuals and as a business. We’re careful to ensure that anyone who joins are team agrees with our beliefs.

1.We care about your sleep We are passionate about our beds and finding the right products for our customers is crucial. We are constantly discovering and developing products and growing through innovation.

2.We get itAs hard as we try, we know there are times when things just don’t go to plan. We get it! We are on it, we sort it and we make it right. That doesn’t mean sometime next week but NOW!

3.We know our stuff  – What we don’t know about beds is not worth knowing  ….. we understand our products and we take pride in helping customers find the right bed. We keep things simple, we give advice, no hard sell.

4.If it’s not right it’s out If we are not confident in a product we won’t sell it. Quality is key for both customer satisfaction and our reputation.

5.Trust is criticalWe understand buying on-line requires a great deal of trust from our customers. We value that trust and won’t let them down.

6.Every idea countsWe are open and we listen. Opinions matter to us.  Everyone has a voice;  employees, customers, suppliers, friends and family. You never know where the next big idea may come from.

7.It’s a family thing – We understand families and we are a family. We look out for one another and we are in it together.

Thank you for visiting our site and remember we always love a chat, so get in touch free on 0808 196 3344.

If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear from you, please email me at

Happy shopping!

Anne Davies , Owner

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