Teen Beds: Stylish Beds For Teenagers & Tweens

For style savvy teenagers, our teen beds range combines style with functionality. There is undoubtedly something to match every teenager's personality and needs. 

Our teen beds you will find from timeless single beds to contemporary doubles, space-saving high sleeper beds and cool cabin beds. You can not only give your teenage children a space full of possibilities but also endless self-expression opportunities! Discover our large collection of children's bedroom furniture for sale. We're here to help you create the perfect bedroom for fashion-conscious teens.

Best bed for a teenager?

The best bed for your teenager will depend on their personality, their tastes and the space available in their room. For smaller rooms, high and mid sleeper beds are a great choice.

They offer plenty of storage as well as space for a desk and even a sofa for relaxing; the perfect multi-functional space for a teen, allowing them to have their own space to rest, learn, socialise and develop. Teenagers will likely enjoy having sleepovers with their friends so trundle beds can also work well and even double as a guest bed when you have visitors to stay.

Best mattress for a teenager?

As with the bed, the best mattress for a teenager can differ based on their needs and personal preference. Generally, however, teenagers are still growing so need a mattress that can offer support and comfort. There are a variety of mattresses with supportive foam, pocket springs and some contain memory foam to mould to the body. There are different firmness rating to suit personal preference from soft to mid to firm.

Best storage options for teenage bedrooms?

Teenagers seem to accumulate a mass number of belongings and therefore require a good amount of storage to avoid their room becoming easily messy. Beds such as cabin beds, mid-sleeper beds and high beds, offer built-in storage space which means you don’t need to worry about taking up additional floor space with more furniture.

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