10 Honest Gift Ideas for a Friend Who is About to Become a Parent

Posted on 28/04/2021 by Room to Grow

10 Honest Gift Ideas for a Friend Who is About to Become a Parent

Being a new parent; you’ve been there, done that. Maybe more than once. So when you meet up with a friend who’s about to bring a little bundle of joy in the world, you can’t help but feel a twinge of pity for them at all the sleepless nights they’re about to face.


“Yes it’s all very exciting but I don’t think either of you really understand what I mean when I say ‘Really, really, really tired’.”

That being said, you’re also perfectly positioned to buy them the really useful gifts that no one else would think of. A cute little teddy? Nice try. Here’s 10,000 nappies.

Nappies – We weren’t kidding! Like kitchen roll and toilet paper, nappies are one of those things you always run out of at exactly the worst time. Want your friend to love you forever? Be the person who supplied them with enough nappies to render panicked (and smelly) trips to the shops a thing of the past.

Onesie Extenders – One thing new parents might not realise is that babies grow fast. They might start out with lots of lovely onesie gifts but these are no good when baby has grown out of them. Be practical and buy them some nifty onesie extenders instead – new parents will always cherish something that saves them cash.

A Backlit Reading Device – Not only are late-night feeds tiring, they can get a little boring too. Treat your friend to a backlit reading device so they can catch up on a good novel without waking baby.

A Baby Box or Calendar – Keeping up a baby book can be hard, especially when you’re already tired and stressed out. Buy new parents a baby memory box or calendar instead. Anything they want to save can be easily popped in the box while all baby’s firsts can be marked on a calendar with a special sticker – much quicker than filling out a book.

At-Home Date Night Kit – The first few months after a new arrival are hardly the most romantic. Help your friends enjoy some alone time by putting together an at-home date night kit; pack a good movie, some wine, a luxury ready meal – anything you think they might enjoy together while baby is sleeping.

Romantic Dinner

“What movie has she chosen for us? The Omen? Oh, very funny.”

Smart Monitor – They’ll enjoy that date night even more if they’ve got a smart monitor to put their minds at rest. These nifty gadgets connect to smartphones, turning them into baby monitors so new parents can keep an eye on their little one wherever they are.

A Changing Unit – A new baby can mean chaos when it comes to general accessories and paraphernalia. Help new parents stay organised and tidy by treating them to a changing unit.

Dummy Thermometer – Taking a baby’s temperature can be tricky and unpleasant job for all involved. Make it so much easier for parent and baby by treating them to a dummy that also works as a thermometer.

Bath Divider – Cute little baby tubs might seem like a good idea but in actual fact they’re clunky, take up space and are so not portable. A much better idea is a folding bathtub divider that turns any tub into a little baby bath and saves water.

A Spa Day – Whether it’s from labour, breastfeeding, a lack of sleep or toting around a ginormous bag of baby stuff, the first few months of a new arrival can leave you feeling all sorts of achy. Be a new mum’s new BFF by treating her to a spa day that will help her feel relaxed, refreshed and good as new.

Spa Day

“Baby? What baby? I live here in this spa now.”

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