10 Ideas for the Perfect Picnic

Posted on 30/06/2021 by Room to Grow
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10 Perfect Picnic Ideas

Sun is shining, weather is sweet, makes you want to move those dancing feet all the way to your nearest picnic hotspot. But while most people are content to recline in the sunshine and nibble on strawberries, many of us parents know that kids need a whole lot more entertaining when it comes to picnic season. Luckily for you, we’ve got plenty of fresh and scrumptious children’s picnic ideas to make every picnic a perfect one.

Remember the Essentials

The first step to a perfect picnic is to make sure you’ve remembered to pack everything you might need, especially if you’re heading off into the wilderness of your local park. Think knives and forks, wet wipes, plasters, plastic cups and maybe even a brolly; make sure to cover all eventualities!

Make Food Fun

Snacking on strawberries and sipping on champers might be our favourite part of a picnic but for kids it’s the running round and yelling part. Get them to actually sit down and eat something by making your picnic food lots of fun. We’re talking grapes on sticks that look like caterpillars, cute cupcakes and mini pizzas that no little tummies will be able to resist.

Snack Smart

That being said, if you are heading out somewhere, you can make your life easier by packing foods that are perfectly picnic ready. Think salads or pasta dishes premade in cups, a muffin tin filled with chips and dips or anything else that makes packing easier.

DIY Games

No family picnic would be complete without games and you don’t have to go to the expense of buying loads either. One of our favourites involves just paper plates and the cardboard roll from a big reel of wrapping paper. Simply cut holes in the middle of the plates to turn them into hoops then stick the roll into the ground. Ta-da! Instant hoopla. Decorate your plates and sticks nicely and you’ll have a game for life (or at least until someone throws a hoop into a puddle).

Bring Friends

Not real life friends! (Although those are fun too). The sort of picnic we love best is a teddy bears’ picnic. Bring along your little one’s furry friends to give them the most adorable tea party.

Treasure Trail

Picnicking in the woods? Why not set up a fun treasure trail for the kids? This can be a really fun activity for a birthday picnic and is super easy to organise. Remember to include a prize at the end though, we recommend something sweet.

Water Fun

Incorporating water into your picnic is a great way to keep kids cool in summer. Take a paddling pool along with you or water guns if you’re really brave. Set up a shooting range with plastic cups (or see who can fill their cup the fastest) to get them to practise their aim somewhere other than your face.

Have a Pyjama Picnic

Picnics don’t always have to be for lunch or teatime. Surprise the kids with a fun breakfast picnic in their pyjamas one morning. There are tons of cute portable breakfast snacks you can make and take out with a blanket into the garden.

Whatever the Weather

If picnic day rolls around and all of a sudden it’s raining, don’t give up. Why not enjoy a rainy day picnic in your living room? You can eat all the same foods and play all the same games then finish up with a sofa den and a movie.

Be Sun-Aware

If you are heading outside though, don’t forget the suncream! Make sure little ones are covered up and provide some shade if the sun is really fierce. You can take along a tent, umbrella or just string up a sheet in the back garden, anything will do as long as it gives children a place to rest out of the glare. Pack plenty of water and you’ll be en route to a super fun and super safe picnic.

With all these children’s picnic ideas at hand, you’ll be set for the perfect picnic wherever you choose to go and whatever you choose to do. Picnics are great fun for the whole family and an opportunity to enjoy some fun in the sun!

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