3 Popular Themes for Boys’ Bedrooms

Posted on 24/06/2021 by Room to Grow

3 Boys bedroom themes

When it is time to decorate your boys’ bedroom, there are many choices available. You want to choose one that will reflect your child’s interests for at least three to four years – one for your infant/toddler, one for your elementary aged child, one for your tween, and one when your boy becomes a teenager. Please your boy, no matter what his age, with one of these three popular themes for boys’ bedrooms.

Soccer ball chair

Soccer ball chair


Animal room theme décor is extremely versatile as it can be used for a boy of any age, even an infant. Decorate the walls of your infant or toddler’s room with playful non-threatening animals such as monkeys, elephants, zebras and giraffes. A circus theme works well for your school aged child. Your teen or tween might love a more realistic animal setting, perhaps an under-the-sea theme with sharks. Add an aquarium as an accessory or a wall mural with an underwater scene. Another idea for your older child is multi-animals, with leather, leopard or tiger print bedding, and faux “pelts.”


Your active school aged boy is probably into sports of one kind or another. Try one of the following ideas:

Many different companies sell bedding, rugs, wall décor and other items for licensed teams. If your boy has a favourite team, check their website for items to use such as posters of players, wall murals, and pennants to hang on the wall. Paint furniture in bright team colours and add decals for interest. Choose area rugs shaped like a baseball, football, or basketball.


As soon as your boy is old enough to watch television and movies, he will probably express an interest in superheroes. There are so many to choose from – among them Batman, Superman, the Fantastic Four, and the Incredible Hulk. One facet of this theme many parents like is that superheroes reflect many traditional duties and responsibilities for a boy to emulate.

Each superhero has multiple items available for decorating your boy’s room. For room paint, choose a muted tone or neutral featured in a bedding set. Additionally, look for lamps, stickers, and curtains with your boy’s favourite superhero.

Tips for Your Boy’s Room

Whichever of these three popular themes you choose for your boy’s bedroom make sure you get his input and assistance. Remember that he will probably keep his room neater and the theme will last longer if it is one he enjoys.

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