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You will spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping. With so much time spent in bed, it is important to insure an enjoyable rest. Choosing awesome bedding will help guarantee a happy bedtime. To do so, think carefully about each of the following areas.

Consider Colour

When you think of sleeping, what comes to mind when colour is considered? Do you prefer bright and bold, warm and inviting, or cool, crisp white? Whatever you desire, there is awesome bedding available in your favourite colour. Additionally, there are prints in paisleys, animal skin replicas, and nature elements.
For children, there are cartoon and superhero characters. Rainbow colours create a bright, refreshing room. Or imitate a bower with either large contemporary or small old-fashioned flowers. Your teen might enjoy contemporary colours in bold stripes or geometric designs; try pairing either with polka dots.

Consider Fabrics

When choosing bed coverings, it is important to know the difference in types of fabrics. You may have a personal preference or need to avoid certain fabrics that aggravate allergies. Using the information below will help you choose an awesome bedding fabric for your room or for any member of your household.

Traditional Fabrics

Some materials and blends have been around for years. These old standards can prove to provide awesome bedding if used in the right situation.
• Combed cotton has been “combed” to remove short fibres and any impurities. Sheets made with combed cotton are smooth and soft.
• Flannel sheets come in various weights, measured by the number of ounces of material in a square yard. Flannel sheets create warmth and are particularly suitable for babies.
• Muslin is rough cotton, long wearing, and often used for those colourful sheet sets for young children. However, the frequent washings required for kid’s bedclothes causes bobbling and fading, so muslin is not a good choice if you want long-lasting bedding.
• Percale may be the perfect choice for you if your idea of awesome bed coverings is the lack of wrinkles. Made with 100% combed cotton or a cotton-polyester blend, this fabric is soft and fine.

Fabrics Named After Their Origin

• Egyptian cotton sheets are made from cotton grown in Egypt. With a high thread count, these sheets are considered very luxurious.
• Italian linen, as the name implies are made in Italy. However, they are made of Egyptian cotton and therefore have the same high quality reputation.
• Pima cotton bedding has a soft, silky feel. Pima, a type of cotton grown in Pima (Arizona) Australia, and Peru gives these sheets their name.

Consider Comfort

For bedding to be truly awesome, it must be comfortable. Pick soft bed coverings, remembering to choose lighter ones for the summer and heavier ones in the winter. Also, consider personal preference. Some people like a cold room with a very warm bed, and others prefer a hot room and a cool bed.
An awesome bed will not be complete without the perfect pillow. If allergies are a concern, choose pillows and other bedding made from hypoallergenic materials. One-hundred percent cotton works well and pillows or a duvet should be stuffed with synthetic down. Additionally, latex covers resist mold and dust mites.
Everyone wants a good night’s sleep. Considering colour, fabric, and comfort will provide awesome bedding that will guarantee a happy bedtime.

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