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Your baby is one of a kind with a unique personality. As a result, they respond differently in each new situation they encounter. Ask any mother of multiples and they will tell you how extremely different each child is from the others. It is important to discover what you can do to make bath time enjoyable for your little one. You can avoid problems and even correct your child’s fear or dislike of bathing by following a few simple guidelines.

Establish a Routine

As with other areas of your child’s life such as eating and sleeping, establishing a routine is of primary importance for creating a pleasant bath time experience. Have bath time at the same time each day and choose a time of day that is best for both you and your child.

  • Pick the best time of day for your child.

Some children are relaxed after a bath, and others are actually stimulated by bath time. If bathing is relaxing for your child, an evening bath in preparation for sleep is a good idea. However, if bathing stimulates your child, a morning bath time may be better.

  • Pick the best time of day for you.

Avoid bathing your child when you are tired or stressed. Your child can sense your emotions and this can result in an unpleasant bath time for you both.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Some children react negatively when they are either too hot or too cold. Purchase a thermometer to check the temperature of the water – it should be comfortably warm. Also, make sure the room is cosy so that exposed limbs are not chilled.

For your infant, consider purchasing a bath pillow. Some children feel insecure in a watery environment and a bath pillow can allay their fears.

If your toddler hates to have their hair washed, purchase a hair-washing hat. Shaped so that the water and soap run down the back of the head, this inexpensive item protects your child’s eyes.

When you remove your child from the bath, have a warm, cuddly towel or robe ready to avoid an after-bath chill.

Make Bath Time Fun

Even an infant will respond to a squeezable rubber toy that squeaks. Sing and talk to your baby during the bath and put a smile on your face. Kissing fingers and forehead works for some small children.

For a toddler, have some special books with stories about bath time or aquatic animals to read to them while they are bathing. Bath toys, strainers, cups for pouring water, shaped soap, and animal shaped washing mittens all add to an enjoyable bathing experience for your little one. For an older child, consider small inflatable swimming pool toys. Bath crayons and bubble baths also work well to make bath time fun.

Listening and watching your little one will provide clues as to what they like and dislike about bath time. Build on what they respond to and remove any apparent irritants and you create a bath time both you and your child will enjoy.

Note: Remember; never leave your child alone in the tub.  Drowning can and does occur in as little as two inches of water.

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