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Trying to get your child to sleep through the night is a challenge – have they eaten enough? Are they overtired? Is snuggly bunny in bed with them? The delicate balance to get them to drift off happily into dream land can be a struggle. However, another factor that you have to include in your daily balancing act is room temperature. Temperature can really affect a child’s sleep. If they are either too hot or too cold, they may struggle to get to sleep, and have a restless night as they toss and turn.



Getting the temperature right for babies is incredibly important. Recent research shows that overheated rooms can increase the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) considerably. Your baby’s room temperature should be between 16 – 20C, with 18C being the optimum temperature.

How to regulate their temperature 

To ensure your baby doesn’t overheat whilst they sleep, keep their head uncovered, as little ones regulate their temperature through their heads. Try not to overdress or cover them, just light bedding or lightweight, well-fitting baby sleep-bag will be perfect.

If you are worried that your baby is too hot or too cold then touching their chest is usually a good indicator of their core temperature. If you have any concerns that they are overheating, remove a layer of clothing or put on a fan. In fact, using a fan can decrease the risk of SIDS by 72% according to a study by the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research.



Once your little one has grown up and is now safely tucked up in their big boys or girls bed, then the temperature can adjust slightly, generally a room between 18.3 and 21.1 is ideal.

How to regulate their temperature 

Dress them in a single layer of pyjamas (long sleeves and long trousers), and invest in two different duvets, a higher tog, for winter, and a lower tog, for summer. If their room is unbearably hot during the summer, then just a light sheet, or no sheet at all, will do. Dressing them in loose short sleeve PJs or simply a nappy will help too. In the winter, if your child complains of being too cold, then some snuggly bed socks should help.


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