How to Buy the Perfect Desk for Your Child

Posted on 10/03/2022 by Anne Davies
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When you begin looking for a desk for your child, it does not take long to realise that the choices are almost endless. They come in many different sizes and materials; toddler sized moulded plastic, functional plastic or metal for school age children, and large multi-purpose wood for your teen. You quickly realise you need to narrow the field of choice. Below are some things to consider when buying the perfect desk for your child.

Your Child’s Age and Size

You want to choose a desk that is age and size appropriate. I know, you may want to buy a desk that will last your child for years. But realistically, you need to change the size and use of the desk as your child grows. A preschool desk for colouring and working with play dough is much different from a school-age child’s desk used for homework, and a teen’s desk that must be large enough serve multiple purposes.

Furthermore, when you pick out your little one’s desk, you will probably do so without any input. However, your older child may specify a preferred col or, and you might want to include your teen in the decision to make sure you get a desk they will actually use.


As with any children’s furniture, you want to make sure you purchase a desk that is well-constructed and will last for as long as needed. When you child is little, you need to make sure the desk is sturdy enough not to tip over, and has no sharp edges. Also check for small parts that can detach and become a choking hazard. If your school-aged child uses the desk for crafts, a washable top is a good idea. For your teen, drawers for storage and enough room for a computer and other electronic devices are often desired.

Comfort and Appearance

Your child is unlikely to use a desk and chair if they are not comfortable. Consider taking your child along when you look at desks and have them sit at it and see if the height and width accommodates their size. For your school-age child, the desk should be comfortable enough for prolonged sitting, or they will not want to stay at it long enough to complete assignments.

Colour is not always important. A neutral wood desk for your teen will probably meet their needs. However, if your child wants a coloured desk, choose one that matches the col or and/or theme of your child’s room. For a coloured desk, choose a shade that creates a feeling of warmth and energy – dark red or yellow work well, especially for very young children. It’s worth also remembering that a number of high sleeper beds also contain desks underneath, maximising space.


Consider providing a desk for your pre-school aged child suitable for reading and doing some pre-learning activities. This provides familiarity with the concept of working at a desk, making the beginning of school an easier transition.
A school-aged child who will use their desk primarily for school work needs a place to store paper, pencil, and completed papers, so make sure the desk has drawers. Talk to your older teen about what they plan to use their new desk for. Many teens do their homework on a bed or at a table somewhere other than their own room. In this case, the desk may be used primarily for a computer or gaming device and a different type of desk is required from one used for academic work.


• Make sure you consider the space available for your child’s desk.
• Consider a desk with a chair attached for your very young child as they are safer and more compact,
• For an older child, a desk with drawers and shelves provide space to store paper, electronic games, and school supplies.
• A desk with a built-in light works well for doing schoolwork.
Your choice will be easier if you do some research on-line prior to actually going to the store to buy a desk for your child. In this way, you can narrow the field and only look at those that meet your specifications. Additionally, taking your older child along to sit at the desk and give their opinion about colour and style will assure you find the perfect desk for your child.

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