How To Cope With A Teething Baby

Posted on 15/11/2021 by Room to Grow

How to cope with a teething baby

No two babies are alike and they all develop in different ways – this goes for teething as well as everything else. Babies all cope with it differently – some sail through the appearance of each new tooth with minor discomfort while others seem to really suffer severe pain and become inconsolable. Teething can be such a difficult time for some babies and can present parents with a real challenge, having to watch their baby in pain and feeling helpless and unable to really do anything about it.


The main symptoms of teething are:

There are several products available to help relieve the pain of teething and a wealth of online resources that can help parents through this sometimes traumatic phase.

Teething Rings – these come in a wide range of shapes and sizes nowadays, including teethers that can be cooled in the fridge before use for extra pain relieving power. If your baby finds comfort in using one of these, then why not buy a selection in fun colours and designs? Variety is the spice of life and a cool selection of teethers is a must for the modern baby.

Teething Jewellery – there is a growing trend amongst modern Mums for jewellery that is suitable for wearing when caring for babies and toddlers. It can be difficult to wear smart jewellery as it gets in the way or little ones get fixated on it, constantly wanting to fiddle with the delicate piece. Teething jewellery (usually pendants) are created to both look cool and be a suitable material and shape for a baby to gum.

Amber – amber bead necklaces, bracelets and anklets are sold as a remedy for teething pain. However, these are usually made from small amber beads which represent both a strangling and a choking hazard.

Teething Gels – for babies over the age of four months, using a teething gel can help to relieve baby’s pain. Teething gels are rubbed onto baby’s sore gums and contain a mild anaesthetic which will numb the area, preventing pain. Make sure you opt for a gel that also contains antiseptic for added safety. Don’t buy a product that’s designed for use by adults, get a teething gel that has been created especially for babies.

Teething Powders – teething powders are homeopathic remedies, usually containing trace amounts of chamomilla root which soothes the sore gums. Some health professionals advise against the use of teething powders.

Cool Food – teething gums can often be too sore for baby to eat. If this is the case with your baby, plenty of chilled food should help. Ice creams, yoghurts, cold cucumber, chilled fruit purees – all these treats can help get some nourishment into your little one and soothe gums at the same time.

Try a Little TLC – if your baby suffers from sore gums, very often the only thing you can do is console him. If possible, distract your little one with games, songs, stories, trips outside during the daytime – these may all help to dry the tears. However, there may be times when your baby just cannot be comforted and you will just have to walk the floor, rocking him until the pain subsides.

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