How To Decorate Your Home On a Budget This Christmas

Posted on 06/12/2021 by Room to Grow
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Fed up of the constant repetition of the same festive decorations year in year out and searching for a fresh look for 2017?  Get inspired this Christmas with the following selection of innovative ideas to inject a new lease of life into your home (The children can get involved too).  There’s ideas ranging from tips on how to spruce up your dining table, to your child’s advent calendar, neither of which require super artistic flair nor do they break the bank or call for weeks of preparation. Compromise on price not Christmas Spirit!

Table decorated for ChristmasPaper Craft Christmas Decorations

Pinwheels Go Round and Round

Pinwheels are so simple to make yet super effective, an activity sure to keep the children occupied while indoors too as they’ll love to give you a hand. Forget paper snowflakes from the past, this is the modern version which you can rely on to decorate a variety of areas of your home this festive season. Don’t worry if you’re not the most artistic, these paper masterpieces can be created in less than an hour. Simply fold an A4 piece of paper concertina and press down firmly, use scissors to snip a small triangle shape into one side to cut through all the folds, then open out into a semi circle shape. Now repeat the process with another A4 sheet of paper to form a full circle, join them together with string in the centre.

The possibilities are endless in size and colour scheme, whether you choose to go for the scandi inspired white look or experiment with coloured paper.

Pinwheels are fun with a capital F!


A small fake tree with fake snow in a jar


White Christmas in a Jar

When you think of the December, two of the main things that come to mind are Christmas trees and snow, so why not capture both in a charming white homemade snow globe. Instead of throwing away your used jam jars, they now have a new use. Jars of any kind and any size are to be the perfect podium for this creation. Position a small artificial tree dusted with snow to the lid of the jar and glue to secure. Then once dry carefully screw the base onto the lid so the jar is stood upside down. The glass reflects the tree inside and gives the illusion of looking through a window out into a snowy garden! A great way to decorate the table for the all-important Christmas dinner or arrange a group of jars across the window ledge and not forgetting the main component could be found no further than your kitchen cupboard. Genius!

Christmas Ornaments on a mantel piece

Make a Statement

This is a wreath, but not as you know it. Get inspired to create a  statement piece with the use of simple household items you perhaps already have in your home. Use an old wire clothes hanger as a base, untwist the hook and reshape into a circle, then twist the ends together again to secure. Now cut wide ribbon into small pieces around 15” long and tie each in a double knot around the wire frame you have formed. Repeat this multiple times until the whole wreath is full. Leftover ribbon can be used to create a loop on the rear to assist when hanging. Choose a bright red ribbon for maximum festive ambiance. The raw edged end result also resembles a poinsettia, a common plant at Christmas! Despite this decoration taking more patience than any others may require, it will definitely be worthwhile! Wreaths are extra versatile too there are various uses, try positioning on a contrasting white wall to ensure your hard work is shown off to the full. Expect lots of compliments!

Paper bags tied to a stick on the wall with string

Adventures Through Advent

Impress your children while challenging their current expectations for the long awaited advent calendar’s to count down the days until Santa himself arrives. Get creative and make your own, with the assistance of a loose branch, which can easily be attached to the wall with any household string. This will then act as the base to hang 24 different exciting goodies whether it be a little sweet teat or something more personal. Make use of all the leftover gift bags and ribbon from gifts the previous year to form the wrapping of a unique parcel to open each day. A must to put a smile on their little faces, while this fun advent calendar provides a wall decoration which brings a quirky rustic feel to your home, so smiles all round. An idea which balances festivity and practicality perfectly, without the predictable chocolate behind each window of the average calendar at advent. Embrace the countdown!

Painted pine cones with a wooden star, to look like small Christmas trees

Christmas Pinecone

A Christmas tree is a must so here’s another DIY idea you can get the children involved with. If you’re a fan of wrapping up warm and venturing out on winter walks, this decoration will be great for you. Next time collect pinecones to transform into your own mini pinecone forest across your mantelpiece. All you’ll need is the help of some festive green spray paint, an ounce of patience, a wine cork glued to the bottom for balance and a little star to finish it all off. Feeling extra creative? You could even spray paint the star to gold so it glistens when it catches the light! Spread some holiday cheer with a twist.

Christmas Charms with Glowing lights and foliage

Jar of Lights

In just five minutes and two simple steps you too can pull off these beautiful little jars to illuminate any room! Another idea in which all you need is a spare jar from your kitchen cupboard (any size will work) and then some battery-powered fairy lights that you may already have from previous years’ decorations. Now fill the contents of the jar with the charming lights, secure the lid, dim the lights and watch them sparkle. The reflective glow of the lights compliments the glass seamlessly. Then in order to keep the battery box out of sight be sure to add spare baubles or foliage to your jars to accompany the string lights.

Group these decorations in a trio for the best effect and try arranging on a plate or basket.  You will probably already have lots of spare jars at home that are in the need of recycling so what better way to give them a new use. Subtle glam with no shopping required.

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