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Posted on 17/04/2021 by Room to Grow
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With us all spending more time at home many people are turning to home refurbishing to utilise their newfound spare time. With children getting bored of their room design so easily, this gives you a great opportunity to update their space; but don’t worry about having to fund a full redecoration; instead look to put your DIY skills to the test and try your hand at making your own picture wall, pom poms and even curtains!

Now that we are all spending more time in the house and the kids are home from school it is no surprise many are looking to interior design as a way to spend their time. This has not only stemmed from a need to fill our time at home but also as we spend more time in the house, we tend to pick out more things we would like to update. Unfortunately, home décor updates can be costly, especially when it comes to children as they often change their minds about their décor choices. However, with these fun home DIY tips you can easily update your children’s bedrooms without breaking the bank. Even better? The beauty of DIY is that it will take you that little bit of extra time which we seem to have now; and it can be a fun task to do together.

Clear Out the Clutter

The first step in any revamp, update or redecoration of a room; particularly a bedroom, is to have a complete clear out and de-clutter. You’d be surprised how much a good clear out can make a space feel completely different and if you are updating the room you want to start with a blank canvas. This is your chance to have a switch around of some furniture also; you’d be surprised how good it can feel to rearrange your furniture, it can give the room a whole new lease of life.

Clear out things such as clothes, starting with the wardrobe and working your way through things like shoes and accessories as well. You can then either pass these down or donate to charity shops in the future; for now, store them away in vacuum bags or bin liners. Make sure to also clear out old toys and games; let the children help and explain to them that they could go to someone who needs them more. Again, store these until you can safely donate them.

Create a Picture Wall

A picture wall is a fun and personal way to decorate a wall and there are so many ways you can do this. We all like to have pictures of our friends and family in our rooms but sometimes we don’t have enough room for all the photo frames, this is where a picture wall can help; you can place string up on the wall and clip multiple pictures to it. This is a great idea for teen bedrooms especially as they’ll surely have multiple pictures of their friends which they would like to hang in their room.

A picture wall is also a great way to display some of your kid’s favourite pieces of art or colouring they have done. Crafty activities such as colouring can be extremely soothing and distracting in a time of stress or worry and with a picture wall you can easily use the creations as room décor. The beauty of this idea is that the pictures can be changed and removed with ease.

Decorate Your Own Curtains

Don’t worry we’re not suggesting you take on a whole curtain making project, but rather working with what you already have. Are you child’s curtains a little plain? Could they be easily accessorised? Then this tip could be one for you. You can fairly easily spruce up some plain curtains by sewing on little pom poms or sequins, even making your own cute curtain ties. See what you’ve got around which could work; this could be a fun project for both you and you children to get involved with.

Get Crafty with Paper

This DIY tip is a great one to get everyone involved with. There are plenty of DIY décor ideas which can be made with paper and tissue paper; fun to make and fun to have in a child’s room. One of our favourite paper craft ideas are paper pom poms. These are super fun and easy to make and look great when hung together in a bedroom.

Revamping Existing Furniture

If you feel like your child’s furniture is looking a little worse for wear, you can easily revamp it with a fresh coat of paint. Kids furniture can often times go through the wars; getting drawn on, bumped and battered during play time and general wear and tear so giving it a new coat of paint or polish can give it a whole new lease of life. For a fun update why not go for a new colour; got wooden furniture? Paint it white for a fresh, modern touch. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous you could go for a brighter colour.

Keep it Cosy with Fairy Lights

Fairy lights add a cosy touch to any bedroom, and the ambience of the low lighting can be super relaxing; great for settling into bed. You can now get so many different varieties of fairy lights; from cactus shaped ones to flower shaped ones there are so many to choose from. However, how about decorating your own? If you have some standard fairy lights or even Christmas tree lights lying around you can make your own flower lights using cupcake liners! Simple cut them into petal shapes, put a hole in the centre for the light and secure with tape!

Hopefully, these DIY ideas give you some inspiration for updating your child’s bedroom as well as some fun activities to do as a family.

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