Duvets Or Blankets For Your Kids?

Duvets Or Blankets For Your Kids?

Duvets are the norm nowadays, not many people use sheets and blankets and there’s probably a whole generation in the UK who have grown up never having used a top sheet at all.  Duvets barely existed in the UK until the seventies, we all used sheets with blankets and eiderdowns or quilts. 

For new babies, sheets and cot blankets are probably the best options – this way it’s easier to regulate your little one’s temperature.  What about as the baby gets older – is it best to use a duvet or sheets and baby blankets with a quilt?  Both choices have advantages and disadvantages so we’re taking a quick look at these to help you make up your mind.


Duvets come in a range of fabrics and fillings – this means you can buy a hypoallergenic duvet for kids with allergies.  They are lightweight and comfortable and easy for a little one to pull over him/herself. They also come in different weights so that you can choose the best weight for your individual needs. Thinner duvets are suitable for the Summer months and then a thicker option for the Winter when the temperature draws colder. Some duvet systems include a lightweight and a heavier weight duvet which clip together for extra warmth during the colder months.

If you change your child’s bedroom décor, you can update the bedding by buying new duvet covers.  A new set of covers is also a great economical way of brightening up the room.

Single duvets can easily be washed in a domestic washing machine – this is an important consideration if your child is a bed wetter.  However, duvets do take a few days to dry thoroughly so you may need to have a spare for when one is washed. This could be an issue if you have a shortage of space in your home.


Sheets and blankets are easier to launder so can be washed more often.  If your child wets the bed on a regular basis, you might find sheets an easier option for washing. It can be easier to regulate temperature, adding blankets during the colder months and taking them off during the summertime.  Blankets can be easier to store in summer than great big thick winter duvets, so if space is a luxury this may be the more appropriate option for you. You can choose the sheets and blankets in fabrics that suit you health-wise and then cover the bed with a fabulous quilt that matches the room décor.

A really good quilt may seem expensive at first, but think of it as an essential part of the décor. If looked after carefully (especially when laundering) it will last for years to come and even be handed down to the next generation in the family.

24th Jul 2021 rtg

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