Father and Son Bonding: Three Ideas for Time Together

Posted on 13/02/2022 by Room to Grow
Room to Grow

Father and Son Bonding

We all live hectic lives and, if we are not careful, we do not take time for the really important things in life. One very important aspect should be taking time to bond with our children. Time alone with your son can create a bond that will make teenage years easier and establish a healthy relationship that will last into adulthood.


Build Something

It does not matter what you build, the important thing is that you are creating something that lasts. Your son will remember the time you spent together every time he views the project you completed. If your son is young, consider having him help make a footstool to stand on in the bathroom when he uses the sink. You can even put his name on it. One stool in our family is beginning on its second generation; it is a prized possession.

Another idea is to make a bird feeder or bird house for your garden. These are not difficult projects and many home building supply stores have kits available for assembly and finishing.

An older child may enjoy assembling a garden bench or a picnic table. Although these two projects may not last as long because of heavy use, they are not difficult and can be finished relatively quickly.

You may wish to attempt a larger, more difficult project with your teenage son. A garden gazebo, stone slab patio, or rock wall are all good choices for a more challenging as well as long-lasting project.

Plant Something

Gardening is an excellent bonding activity, as well as good exercise. Think about your family and their needs as well as your own interests. Garden types vary tremendously – vegetable gardens and cactus gardens; flowers and ornamentals; berries, grape vines, or an orchard – all are projects perfect for times of conversation and creating memories.

Another idea is to plant a tree. Not only will you be planting something that will last for years, you are demonstrating environmental responsibility.

Enjoy a Sport

If you or your son enjoys sports, your interest can provide the foundation for an excellent bonding activity. You can coach your son’s team, take your son to a professional game, or spend an afternoon or evening watching a game on television.

You may not need to know a great deal about a sport in order to coach your son’s team. Beginner soccer and t-ball teams frequently do not need experts, just interested, patient parents willing to spend time teaching team members the basics of the game. If your child is older, consider being an assistant coach. The responsibilities are not as great and it is a good way to increase your knowledge of the game while spending time with your son. Whatever your son’s age, coaching his team can prove to be an excellent to bond and build mutual respect. It will also be good for your child to see your interaction with his friends.

There is nothing quite as exciting as a professional game. You don’t have to have the best seat in the house to enjoy the camaraderie of cheering on your favorite team. If you can’t afford tickets for a pro game, plan an afternoon watching your favorite team on television with your son. Order take-out pizza, have snacks, and talk during commercials for an inexpensive, but memorable bonding time.

There are many other activities ideal for bonding with your son. As you spend time getting to know each other better, you will find similar interests upon which you can build future activities. You and your son will have memories that will last you for years and you will create a strong relationship that will help you both throughout the rest of your lives.

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