Fun Snow Facts For Kids

Posted on 25/01/2022 by Catherine
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paper snowflakes at Christmas

I woke up on Wednesday morning and couldn’t believe my eyes. Snow covered everything outdoors, not thick snow, but enough to provoke and excited “wow!” (from me, first of all). The walk to school was very slippery though, with sheets of ice covering roads and pavements and much to my son’s disappointment, it wasn’t really the right kind of snow for snowballs. It was too cold and icy and all we managed to do was to powder each other with soft ice crystals.


So, I wondered, what IS snow, and why is it that sometimes you can make snowballs and others, not? The answer, it seems, is in the temperature. Here’s some interesting information about snow:








Fascinating stuff. Can you add to this list?

Written by our regular contributor Catherine.

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