Great Birthday Party Themes to Make Your Child’s Birthday Special

Posted on 24/09/2021 by Room to Grow

Birthday Party Themes

Everyone loves a birthday party – cake, ice cream, games, and presents. You can make your child’s birthday special, no matter what their age, by choosing a theme for their party. You want to make sure the theme you use is not only age appropriate, but also fun for everyone. You also want something for which you can easily find invitations, decorations and treats without too much trouble. The themes mentioned all have easy to find and use colour schemes to ensure you won’t struggle to create invitations, find decorations and even find a cake to match.


Toddlers and First Birthday Themes

When you choose a theme for your toddler’s birthday, you want something with which they can identify therefore a theme which is fairly general can work well; or based around a character they recognise. Therefore, themes based around teddies or dogs for example work well as they are easily recognised by toddlers. Alternatively, Winnie the Pooh is a fairly common theme for a first birthday as toddlers tend to be aware of the character and decorations and party favours are pretty easy to come across.

Themes for Little Girls

There are various themes which are great for a little girls party but some of the most popular include; princess parties, Disney themed parties and a Spa party where you can do hair, nails and a small make over followed by some food and sweet treats. Princess parties are fairly easy to set up; have your daughter and her friends dress up, serve a tea party and stick to a pastel colour scheme.

For a Disney themed party, you could go one of two ways; either choose a specific film and organise the theme around it or have a general Disney theme in which children can dress up as their favourite character. The latter works well if you are having a party with a mix of boys and girls.

Themes for Little Boys

There are a few different options you could keep in mind for a little boys’ party. A popular theme is a superhero theme; either general or specific. You’ll be able to find plenty of decorations and party favours relating to this.

Alternatively, you could opt for a Lego themed party, during which children can create various structures and buildings. Or, even a pirate theme; where they can watch films and even have a scavenger hunt of their own!

Parties at an Indoor or Outdoor Facility

If you don’t have the space at home for a kid’s party; or simply don’t want to host a big amount of children in your home you can always go to or even rent a facility to hold your children’s party. Some good options for children’s parties include swimming pools, cinema’s or a zoo party.

Themes for Teen Parties

With teen parties, they will likely control the theme themselves. But, if you’re stuck for ideas some common choices include; a sleepover party, a games night, or a meal. Sleepovers are super fun for teen parties, if you have the space, they can all bring sleeping bags and sit around watching films and eating treats. If you’re not up for the commitment of a sleepover party, another option is to host a games night with board games or video games; maybe get a takeaway or put on a spread of party food in addition to doing some children’s birthday party quizzes.

If you don’t want to open up your home to a group of teenagers, consider a nice meal out with a few of their closest friends for a relaxed evening.

Whatever your child’s age or interest, there are no limits to the availability of party themes. We have mentioned those that have proved to be the favourites for many children. However, ask your child what they love and would like for their party. The choices are as limitless as their imagination.

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