Everyone loves a birthday party – cake, ice cream, games, and presents. You can make your child’s birthday special, no matter what their age, by choosing a theme for their party. You want to make sure the theme you use is not only age appropriate, but also fun for everyone – your child, and their guests. You also want something for which you can easily find invitations, favors, and treats without too much trouble. Use clip art to make your own invitations. Consider using sheets for table covers. Almost all the themes suggested have colors or patterns available. Check the local discount stores for small items to give out as favors. Most bakeries are able to produce a themed cake if you provide pictures of your theme.


Toddler First Birthday Themes

When you choose a theme for your toddler’s birthday, you want something with which they can identify. Keeping that in mind, our suggestions are:

  • Teddy Bear
  • Puppy Dog
  • Winnie the Pooh

Little Girl Themes

Little girls love anything feminine and frilly. With that in mind, try one of the following:

  • Princess Party – Have clothes for your child and her friends to dress up in and serve “high tea.”
  • Tinker Bell Party – Use your little girl’s favorite Disney heroine. Play the music and/or movie featuring that character during the party.
  • Spa or Make-Over Party – Do nails and hair, put on makeup, get all dressed up and have lunch at a local restaurant or serve special treats in your formal dining room.

Little Boy Themes

“Snakes, and snails, and puppy dog tails – that’s what little boys are made of.” With that in mind, try:

  • Spiderman – Any super hero makes an excellent theme for your little boy’s party and it is not hard to find appropriate party items.
  • Pirate Party – They can watch a “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie and search for “pirate booty” on a scavenger hunt.
  • Lego Party – Have plenty of Lego for building and let each child take home their creation.

Kid’s Birthday Parties at an Indoor or Outdoor Facility

It is possible you might not have the space for a party, or your home is not suitable for some other reason. In that event, it may work to have your child’s birthday party at a facility away from your home.

  • Swimming or Pool Party – Some recreational centers offer their facilities for parties, or check with a local motel about renting time
  • Movie Party – Take your child and a few friends to see a kid-friendly movie with popcorn and other treats.
  • Zoo or Aquarium Party – Check for available party space or a picnic area for your child’s party after a tour of the facility.

Teen Themes

  • Slumber or Sleepover Party – Have everyone bring a sleeping bag or bedroll and spend the night. Tell scary stories around the fire after a backyard barbeque.
  • Game Night – Have table, card, or video games with playoffs for small prizes.
  • Pool or Beach Party – Weather permitting, take your teen and their friends to a local pool or the beach for a day morning of swimming, followed by a waterside picnic.

Whatever our child’s age or interest, there are no limits to the availability of party themes. We have mentioned those that have proved to be the favorites for many children. However, ask your child what they love and would like for their party. The choices are as limitless as their imagination.

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