How Often Should You Replace Your Child’s Mattress and Bedding?

Posted on 11/04/2021 by Room to Grow

How Often Should You Replace Your Child’s Mattress and Bedding?

We know how important sleep is to a child’s growth and development; at Room to Grow it is our number one priority to make sure children are able to get the best quality night’s sleep in order to reach their full potential physically and mentally. We know there are a number of things which go into ensuring a good night’s sleep including a strong bedtime routine, healthy diet and exercise and a comfortable sleeping environment to name a few. But one thing which can be play a massive role in the quality of a child’s sleep is their mattress; you may find yourself wondering how often should you replace your child’s mattress and bedding, and the answer will depend on a few different factors but what we do know is it is incredibly important to do so.

Cleaning Your Child’s Room Is A Task Itself

Cleaning your child’s bedroom alone can feel like a herculean task, worthy of accolades normally only bestowed on Olympic gold medallists. First, you must step gingerly over the plastic farmyard animals strewn across the carpet, then it’s time to negotiate the precariously balanced books placed smack bang in the center of the bedroom and finally one must clamber over the disconcertingly smelly piles of dirty clothes. At last, you have reached your goal – the bed. If you only achieve one thing during this cleaning adventure, then changing the bedding it is. Forget dusting and vacuuming, at least the bed is tidy. This should be removed and changed every fortnight at the very most.

But now we know that we should actually be replacing their duvets, mattress and pillows as well? Adding a whole other adventure to your cleaning escapades.

Child sleeping on mattress

How often should you replace your child’s bedding?

Pillows should be replaced roughly every two years. Leaving them for longer than this can cause dust mites to start to gather, which increases the likelihood of allergies occurring.  They also start to lose their support over the years if they have been slept on for too long. If they need constant fluffing up to restore their shape or if they stay folded when pressed in half, it’s definitely time to invest in a new set.  Most importantly, replacing your child’s pillows regularly is sure to help aid a comfy night’s sleep preparing them for their busy day ahead.

According to research, on average each one of us uses the same duvet for around seven years. However, in fact, we should be replacing them after five – eek!! This is again due to hygiene reasons and those dastardly allergies inducing dust mites. Duvets also start to thin over time with use, meaning that they lose the warmth they had originally.  Replacing your child’s duvet will help lessen their chances of allergies and keep them toasty warm in the winter.

How often should you replace your child’s mattress?

It’s amazing how important a good supportive mattress is, especially for young children whose bones are constantly growing sleep is essential. A good mattress provides support for your little one through the night, as well as ensuring they (and you) get a restful night’s sleep. In total, we spend one-third of our lives on our trusty mattress, so when it begins to become tired and unsupportive a replacement is essential.

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Often, spotting the signs of wear and tear can be difficult, but the National Bed Federation advises that adults replace their mattress every seven years, but for children’s mattresses you may need to replace them slightly earlier than that to ensure they are providing the suitable support for their little bodies. However, if you do spot any sagging in the meantime, or signs of wear and tear, then you should replace the mattress immediately.

The majority of mattresses on offer from Room to Grow come with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Throughout this length of time, your mattress will have gradually lost the original support and comfort it once had. A better night’s sleep could be just a new mattress away!

What To Do With An Old Mattress

Once the time does come around to bring home a new mattress, you will be left with the task of disposing of your old one. Knowing when the right time it can be just as tricky and knowing how to go about the whole process. Depending on the age and current condition, thankfully there are various options to choose from…

Recycling schemes

Do your bit for the environment and avoid your old mattress ending up in landfills by researching the recycling scheme on offer in your area. Surprisingly, the metal springs, foam, and padding can all be broken down and recycled into new forms.

Mature couple are taking their mattress out ready to recycle.

This is a far more sustainable alternative to taking the mattress to your local tip. Some councils will also collect directly from your home free of charge to make sure unwanted mattresses are not left in the street. Be wary that fly tipping is likely to land you with a hefty fine so make sure you dispose of it responsibly.


If your mattress has not outlived its lifespan, is still in good condition and therefore can be reused you could look into reselling. There are numerous online selling sites available allowing you to earn cash in just a few clicks. This way you can put the money you gain towards a new one!

Mattress cleaning process. Man cleans bed from dirt and bacteria

To ensure the mattress is ready for a new owner, vacuum clean using an upholstery brush to remove any dust that has gathered over the years. Baking soda and essential oils will add a fresh scent too.


A mattress that is clean, still fit for use and has the fire label intact can also be donated to charity. Again, this will prevent it from reaching landfills and will help someone in need of your unwanted goods.  Room to Grow is proud to be partnered with The British Heart Foundation for all unwanted furniture, and the team also offers a great free service to collect your old mattress, if you’re wanting to get involved in the scheme. The funds raised will be used to continue their vital pioneering work.

british heart foundation

As well as donating to such a worthy cause, this option will also save your purse strings too as there will be no need to fork out for council collection fees along with no heavy lifting required.  What better way to dispose of your mattress?

Make sure to test your mattress and consider whether it’s time for a change. Here at RTG, we stock a great range of children’s mattresses at fantastic prices.  If you’re still unsure how and when you may want to go about replacing your mattress.

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