How to Host a Children’s Birthday Party During a Pandemic

Posted on 20/04/2021 by Room to Grow
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Despite the current pandemic meaning many birthdays will now be spent in the house, there are still plenty of ways to still host a brilliant children’s birthday party. In the age of digital it is still possible to have a fun birthday party filled with games, friends, family and most importantly, cake!

The first thought when you realise your birthday, or your child’s birthday for that matter, will be spent in doors due to the pandemic may be concern. Concern about ensuring the presents will arrive on time, how your child will feel about spending their birthday in the house, how they will see their friends and just whether they will be happy. Generally, they can do all those things and you’d be surprised just how happy they will be spending time with you in the house, doing some of their favourite things and playing some party games.

Explain the Situation to Them

First things first, you are going to need to explain why they will be having their birthday party at home. This could be more difficult for those children who may already have birthday parties planned which have been cancelled but by explaining the situation honestly and how things have to be done at home now so that people don’t get sick, they will come to some level of understanding. Reassure them that despite their party now being held at home they will still have a fun birthday filled with love and plenty of games; and they’ll even be able to see their friends and family virtually.

Make Sure to Prepare as Much as Possible

For many, there will be concerns over buying presents, decorations and food for a child’s birthday party however as long as you are prepared this shouldn’t be a problem. As things progress some of this could become more difficult to get a hold of however just be prepared to be as honest as possible with your children and as long as they feel happy and loved on their birthday that is all that matters.

For the moment, things can still be ordered online so make sure to add things such as party decorations to your shopping, and maybe order some party food in (if it’s frozen it will keep until the party).

Bake a Cake Together

If you have all the ingredients why not try your hand at baking the birthday cake. Not only will you have a delicious, homemade birthday cake for the party but you can have fun in the kitchen with your child and they will feel a sense of accomplishment having made their own birthday cake! For a simple sponge cake all you need is; Eggs, Flour, Butter and Sugar for a base (and some cocoa powder for those chocolate lovers). Don’t worry about getting too fancy with the decoration if you don’t want to; simply sprinkle with some icing sugar or decorate with some melted chocolate; whatever you like.

Video Call Family and Friends

Modern technology means that there are now various apps which allow you to video call your friends and family so that you don’t have to worry about not seeing them on your birthday. Certain apps allow you to call multiple people at once so you can have a call with the whole family or even all your little one’s best friends!

We would suggest setting a structure if you plan to have a video call with your child’s friends to avoid it descending into chaos. Choose a certain time for the call to take place and invite friends in advance. You can then include a fun quiz or virtual party games in the call to keep everyone entertained; online you’ll be able to find a number of fun kids quizzes especially at the moment. This is a great way to see friends if your child has been missing school and have fun with some virtual party games.

Play Plenty of Party Games

There is nothing to stop you playing some of the most loved party games at home! You can still play games such as pass the parcel or musical chairs in the comfort of your own home; just make sure to get the whole family involved; you can even play games such as musical chairs or statues via video call with friends! You could even build a den and have a mini party in there, or just lounge around and watch some films in there for those who a prefer a calmer birthday party. Don’t be afraid to have a home disco either; turn the lights off and play some music with party snacks and have a good dance around the living room or kitchen.

It can of course be disappointing for children whose birthdays may be cancelled however they can reassured knowing there are plenty of ways to enjoy their birthday at home.

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