How to Make a Bedroom Cosy for the Christmas Period

Posted on 06/12/2021 by Room to Grow
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How to Make a Bedroom Cosy
Cosy Bedroom For Christmas

Now the festive season is well upon us, it is the time when we all start getting the decorations out and preparing for the big day. Decorating our living areas and sometimes kitchen/dining areas is a popular trend; however why not take the decorations to other areas of the house? A great place to start is the children’s bedrooms. Bring winter wonderland inside and set up the perfect cosy space for the kids to experience Christmas from the comfort of their own room. Not only will it get them excited for the festive season, but it may help curb their cravings for playing in the freezing cold outdoors. Playing out is great, but in the winter when it is getting nippy it is best to limit time outside to avoid unwanted illness.

Starry Ceiling

There are a few different ways to make a starry ceiling effect in your child’s room and it isn’t just a festive thing, it can actually look great all year round. One way to create a starry effect is to purchase (or make your own) star light projector. These small devices work by projecting light through stencils onto the ceiling. Some projectors come with a variety of stencils so you can change the display if you wish.

Alternatively, there are a variety of glow in the dark options. You can purchase either glow in the dark stars to stick on the ceiling or glow in the dark paint and paint a starry night’s sky onto the ceiling.

Christmas Scents

It isn’t safe to light candles in your child’s room, especially whilst they are unsupervised, but there are plenty of other options for adding some festive scents into the room. Air fresheners and reed diffusers can work well or there are various ways you can use aroma therapy diffusers to your advantage. You can buy specific blended essential oils or create your own blend with oils such as cinnamon, sweet orange and nutmeg among many others. Not only with this make the room smell amazing but it is also extremely safe and there are a number of other benefits to aroma therapy that your children will be able to enjoy.

Mini Christmas Tree

Whilst there probably isn’t the space to put a regular Christmas tree in every room of the house, there is likely enough room for a mini one. You can find miniature Christmas trees in a variety of places and they can just sit on a shelf or dressing table if you don’t want to put them on the floor. Some come already decorated to save you the hassle, but they are super cute and can really add to the festive décor.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights can really make a room look super cosy and magical, especially at Christmas. They can be placed around the room in a number of places such as on shelves, bedframes and even on a mini Christmas tree if you wish. Make sure to turn them off at night and opt for bulbs which don’t get hot where possible.

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