How To Update Your Child’s Playroom

Posted on 05/11/2021 by Room to Grow
Children's Beds

Whilst playrooms, for your children at least, are a place of utter joy, filled with toys and fun galore. As a ‘sensible’ adult, they can be a cluttery (it’s a word, promise) nightmare, where even walking through the door can be a treacherous activity, trying to avoid the Lego that is strewn across the floor. If this description sounds all too familiar, perhaps it’s time for a bit of a playroom overhaul, so you can create a space that is adult, as well as child, friendly!

Children's playroom


It may be hard to convince your children that they do not need all 200 toy cars, but spending some time going through their toys and removing any that they have either outgrown or no longer play with, will help create a less cluttered environment. You can take the chosen toys to a local charity shop, give them to another family or even have a yard sale.


Once you have decluttered, you need to make sure the playroom has enough storage to house the toys. Putting up shelves on the wall is a great space saving approach, as opposed to standing shelving units, they do not take up any floor space.

Toy boxes are also a great compromise as you can then use the lid of the toy box as an extra seat by simply adding some cushions (make sure the box can hold your child’s weight though). If the playroom is also the bedroom, then midsleeper beds are a fabulous compromise between sleep and play. The space underneath the bed can be used to store the toys, as well as becoming an extra play area in the room.

Matching Furniture

Depending on how you (and your child) want the playroom to look, you may find that choosing matching furniture in your chosen style helps create a neat and tidy look to the room, that guides the eye. Our Ollie & Leila collections are simply gorgeous, with a whole host of items that are perfect for a playroom, including book cases and storage boxes.


If space allows, create small designated areas in the playroom. For example, a reading area, complete with bookshelves filled with books, comfy bean bags and cushions, ready for your child to curl up and read. Or perhaps a homework area, with a desk and chairs. A quiet place for them to do their homework, away from the hubbub of family life.

Children's desk


To add a splash of colour and personalisation to the playroom turn your child’s artwork into a small art gallery. Frame their favourite paintings and put them on the walls. Or you could make a creative wall space, painting a section of the wall in blackboard paint, and encouraging your children to do chalk drawings whenever the mood takes them.

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