International Childfree Day: Enjoy a Day of Relaxation 

Posted on 01/08/2021 by Room to Grow

International Childfree Day had its origin in the early 1970s when the National Organization for Non-Parents staged an event in which they named a male and female non-parent of the year. The winners paraded down 5th Avenue in New York City. It was not until forty years later that International Childfree Day was set up to honor the event each year on August 1. The idea is to celebrate those people that specifically choose not to have children.

Now, every year, people nominate candidates to compete for Childfree Man and Woman of the Year – people who have made the decision to live childfree. Winners are announced on International Childfree Day and receive small prizes.

You may not win the title of International Childfree Man and Woman of the Year, but you can still celebrate. Enjoy a day of relaxation. Try one or more of the following activities on International Childfree Day.

If you love to sleep late, this is a perfect day to do so. Turn off the alarm and get out of bed when you want – not need – to. Spend all day in your pajamas and sleepers if you want and take a nice nap in the afternoon or go to bed early.

Make your favorite omelet at home or head out for a special breakfast at your favorite restaurant. If you prefer, eat lunch or dinner out. For a real celebration, leave home early in the a.m., do whatever you want all day and eat all three meals away from home!

Hit some sales or go to thrift stores looking for clever clothes and some special accessories for your home.

Celebrate in the mountains, at the beach, or just the prettiest city park you can find by enjoying the peacefulness of nature.




Remember, you have chosen to be childless. Celebrate your decision not only on International Childfree Day, but also on each day of the year. Most people have never heard of this holiday, so let your friends and family know about your celebration. It is important to show others that you are living a meaningful, quality life filled with joy and importance.

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