Kids’ Rooms – 5 Tips for Decorating with Decals

Posted on 26/08/2021 by Room to Grow
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Kids’ Rooms – 5 Tips for Decorating with Decals

If your child’s room needs a bit of a spruce up and you really can’t decide on what to do or how to give the room that va-va-va-voom factor, why not consider bringing in some of the wall decals that are becoming increasingly available.  Decals are just super sized stickers that you stick on the wall and they usually peel off without a trace, meaning that they can be moved around and reused for a different look now and again.

If you don’t want to go to the expense of wallpaper, or you’re looking for something that little bit different for your child’s room, then take a look at the wide range of decals that you can get.  If you’re not particularly creative, or don’t have the time in your busy life to think about it too deeply, then the following five tips should put you on the right road.

1.      Try looking online for decals – you’ll find a much wider selection than what’s available at your local B&Q.  Make sure you use Google Image to search as this way you’ll get thumbnail views of loads of decals.  You can glance through them, clicking on any that take your fancy so you can get the details on size, price and where to buy.

2.      Once you’ve sorted out the best place to buy your decals and what you want, why not consider painting the walls in a contrasting colour?  This will give the decals added impact and make for a pretty groovy room for inbetweeners.

3.      Make sure your walls are in acceptable shape for the decals or it will be hard to place them properly without air bubbles, etc.  A fresh coat of paint will do the trick nicely.

4.      Make sure you read the instructions properly.  Decals can be a little tricky to apply if you’re not used to them.  However, their peel-offability (yes, it’s a proper word) means that you can fiddle around to position them just right.   If you’re having problems placing them, why not try using some masking tape as guidelines.  Place the decals then step back and view from a distance.  Keep at it until you get it right.  If you’re having problems getting rid of air bubbles, smooth over with a soft cloth as you apply the decal, pushing the bubbles ahead of it to the edge.

5.      Don’t just stop at the walls, decals can be used on ceilings, doors and even large items of furniture such as wardrobes, desks, tables.  If you want the furniture to match the walls, choose decals that come in a variety of sizes so that you have something that’s suitable for everywhere.

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