Parenting Styles – It’s Personal

Posted on 16/03/2021 by Room to Grow

Parenting Styles – It’s Personal

No matter how many parenting books, websites, or magazines you read, there will never be one parenting style which suits all. Parents will find that their style of parenting will change as their child gets older or the style they use on one child is completely different for another. Here are a few things to remember…

Learn from those closest to you

Most of the time, Mum is always right. So why not ask your parents for some helpful advice? Times have changed and parenting styles won’t be quite like what they used to be, but if you look back at your childhood and feel happy, then you know your parents were doing a good job. A study shows that 50% of millennial parents agree with the statement ‘I am raising the kids the way I was raised’ – so speak to the people who raised you when you have any questions or worries and learn from the best!

Mother and Daughter

How much is too much?

Many parents will question whether they should push their child to learn faster or if it’s best to encourage them to take their time and learn at their own pace. Sometimes children will need a little extra encouragement, but that’s up to you as a parent. Children who are raised by pushy parents may become a little too competitive in the future and feel more pressure to succeed.

Father Reading with Child

Discipline dos and don’ts

Discipline is one of the most difficult aspects of parenting. It can be tricky to find neutral descriptions of different styles of discipline, however there are many helpful articles available online to go to for advice – usually, an article is written to promote one discipline technique over another so it’s good to do your research until you find a style you think will work for you and your child.

Mother reading with Children

People will always have their own opinion on parenting, and it’s best to just do what’s best for you and your family. Listen to helpful advice given to you by friends, family members or colleagues and focus on practising a parenting style you’re comfortable with.

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