Pastel Perfection – How to Brighten your Child’s Bedroom

Posted on 07/04/2021 by Room to Grow
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How to Brighten up your Child's room

Spring is upon us and it’s officially the season of all things pastel. If you’re planning on a bit of spring cleaning and redecorating, now is the perfect time to brighten your child’s bedroom for the new season with a brand-new pastel palette.

Accents and Accessories

The best way to update a child’s bedroom is by switching out old accessories for bright new ones but you’ll need to start with a blank canvas first; think neutral walls, white furniture, and plain carpets or wooden floors. Then all you need to do is let the accessories do the talking – from colourful lamps and clocks to pastel bedding, cushions and throws. The best thing about this method? You can completely change the look and style of the room for every season by swapping out accessories for hardly any expense!

Nature Child

Pastel shades don’t always have to look artificial. This season’s palettes are mimicking Mother Earth with natural pastel tones that will blend into any home. Take inspiration from outdoors and wildlife with woodland creature wall stickers and pastel-coloured bedding or choose naturally pastel-toned raw materials like the acacia in this Parisot Acacia Bipop bunk bed that has a lovely soft apricot-coloured finish without looking too sickly sweet.

Beautiful Books

Bookcases are a bit of a Pinterest favourite of ours when it comes to redecorating in a subtle and low-cost way. If you don’t feel like a complete overhaul of your child’s bedroom but want to add in some pastel brights without spending too much, why not refill their bookcase or shelves with rainbow of pastel-coloured books?

Pretty Tidy

Of course it’s hard for a child’s bedroom to look bright and fresh if it’s cluttered up with toys and other bits and pieces. If your little one’s room or play space is in need of a declutter, you can add space and a pop of spring colour in one with some pastel coloured storage units.

With so many ways to brighten a child’s bedroom with some beautiful pastel shades, you’ll be sure to have a cute and cosy space ready for them in no time!

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