Reading With Your Children

Posted on 02/04/2021 by Zee

parents reading with child

parents reading with child

According to researchers, you can help your children become more successful readers by reading out loud to them from birth through their teen years and even when they are young adults. In addition, it is an inexpensive way to spend quality time with your child, having fun while building a relationship. This article will explain the benefits of reading with your children, help you decide what to read and when, and provide some tips for creating the best reading experience.

The Benefits of Reading with Your Child

Children who are read show an increase in vocabulary and critical thinking skills. They also excel in the art of conversation.
You will both benefit from discussing what you read. Ask for your child’s opinion of the book and positively accept what they share. If the book reminds you of some time or place in your life, share it. Children love to hear about the experiences of their parents.

What You Should Read to Your Child

It is important to choose age appropriate books that interest your child. Books lists for children are available on the Internet organised by age, grade level, and subject. Also, the children’s librarian at your child’s school or the local library can provide suggestions.
Sometimes it works to ask your child what they wish to read. Other times you can bring out your old favourite, or one suggested by their teacher. Make sure you share your enjoyment of whatever book you read, laughing if it is funny and crying if it is sad.

When You Should Read to Your Child

No child is too young or too old for being read to. Start reading to your baby. Even if they do not understand the words, reading provides a bonding time. Have fabric or plastic colourful, picture books for your little one.

Your child will develop reading skills much quicker if you read to them. Once they are proficient readers, don’t stop reading together. Your child needs practice and this is a good time to take turns reading.

When your child gets older, they may decide they prefer to read alone. If they do, read the same book or a different book by the same author. Doing so will make it possible to share your child’s reading experience in a meaningful way.

When your children are old enough to begin reading novels, make sure you read a few chapters before forming an opinion of the book. Novels use the first few chapters to set the stage for the story, so it may take a bit of reading to get into the story.Tips:

Choose a good book, get comfortable, and enjoy reading with your child. Then talk about it, sharing what you think of the book, and listening to your child’s impressions. Reading with your children is important, but it is also fun!

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