Room to Grow Partner with Park Plaza for Dream Hotel Room Design!

Posted on 13/03/2022 by Room to Grow
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At Room to Grow, we believe creating a space that lets your child rest and learn as well encourage their imagination to run wild is extremely important. This is why children are at the heart of everything we do.

Research revealed that 71% of adults believe hotel rooms are designed with grown-ups in mind rather than children, however having a comfortable and inspiring space is essential to ensuring a relaxing sleep as well as aiding in learning and growing personalities. Whilst many of us may ensure that our child’s bedroom at home inspires the mind, this should not be forgotten about in hotel rooms. Many hotels are designed with only parents in mind, which can result in a less interesting space for kids to unwind in.

Because of this, here at Room to Grow we were delighted to have been involved in creating a space specifically for children, in collaboration with the Park Plaza hotel.

The campaign, which centred around families, involved tasking families to design a brand-new family hotel suite which would be inclusive of children. The suites were designed for the Park Plaza London Riverbank and feature two rooms: one for the children and one for the adults.

The result? Chalkboard walls, bunk beds, neon lights and trunks full of treasure. What’s better is that children can choose the theme of their rooms (including superhero, princess, sport and enchanted forest!) The rooms provided the perfect space for children to have a truly inspiring environment on holiday.

Even for adults, getting a good night’s sleep in a hotel room can be tricky; not having the comfort of your own bed can often throw your sleeping pattern off completely and even more so for children, so having a hotel room designed with them in mind is ideal. Whilst the Park Plaza hotel rooms are a fantastic addition, not every hotel is set up for children so for those travelling with kids there are a few small things you can do to make the transition easier.

Bring Their Pillowcase

The pillowcase is what your child directly sleeps on, they will be able to smell it throughout the night. Sleeping in a different environment means the pillowcase will be completely different to what they are familiar with, such as new smells and textures. Instead, bring their own pillowcase as a way of comforting them in the new environment and help them feel at home.

Take a Night Light

It is no secret that many children are scared of the dark, and even more so in a new environment. It can be hard in hotels as you are typically sharing a room and you may not want to leave lights on, therefore bring a night light along to help your little one drift off.

Bring a Favourite Toy

Another home comfort which can help your little one feel safe and secure is their favourite toy. Not only is it likely they cannot sleep without it but also having something which smells of home is extremely comforting.

Bring a Familiar Blanket

Bringing your own blanket on holiday is not only reserved for kids! A little piece of home can help us all sleep a little better in a new environment. However, for children especially being able to cosy up in a familiar smelling and feeling blanket can help them get a peaceful night’s sleep in any environment.

Having a hotel room which is designed with children in mind is a great way to ensure children feel inspired in their surroundings, and therefore encourages learning and play. Park Plaza London Riverbank’s family suites are now available to book for a cosy stay and if you do make a trip, be sure to tag us in your pictures and stories across social – we’d love to see them!

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