Sun Proof Clothing for Kids

Posted on 26/09/2021 by Room to Grow
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Sun Proof Clothing for Kids

Recent technological advances in fabrics and materials have led to an increase in availability of protective clothing for children.  It’s now possible to buy kids clothes in a great range of sun-proof fabrics that will make sure the kids don’t get burnt while playing in the sun.

Sticky Sun Creams

Most parents nowadays know how important it is to protect little ones from getting sunburnt and happily slather on Factor 50 sun cream.  Kids don’t like having all this cream rubbed on them several times a day.  If they’re on holiday and in and out of the pool all day, several top ups will be needed – even the waterproof sun creams aren’t totally waterproof.  However, SPF clothing (as sun-proof clothing is commonly known) means that you can be a bit more relaxed about the sun cream and give the kids a break.

Sun Proof Clothes

There are all types of kids’ clothes available in these SPF fabrics, including swimwear, sun hats, t-shirts, shorts and dresses.  This means you can cover the kids up safely while they’re on the beach or in the sun and let them play freely without fear of burning.  Most of these clothes are not only practical, but they look great too.  Bright, modern colours and great designs mean that your little one can look as pretty as a picture while enjoying valuable protection from the UV rays.

Babies and children tend to have much more sensitive skin than adults and are much more prone to getting sunburnt.  The most harmful exposure to the rays usually occurs in the first 18 years, so sun protection for kids is absolutely vital if you want to protect them from the risk of skin cancer in later life.

Spending Time in the Sun

However, it’s also important to broaden kids’ horizons, giving them a wide variety of experiences in their early years that will ensure that they develop into well-rounded adults.  Being outdoors and enjoying activities in the sun is all part of this learning, so protection from the sun is essential.  Having a core wardrobe of clothing in sun proof fabrics really is a must if you want your kids to spend plenty of time outdoors.

Not Just for Holidays

If you’re holidaying somewhere hot and sunny, SVP clothing can make all the difference to what you can do and where you can go, especially if your kids are very small.  However, the sun in the UK can also do damage to tender young skin (I know, it’s hard to believe we get enough sun in the UK to burn us, but we do).  Next time you’re buying outdoor active wear for your kids, why not consider choosing SVP clothing – you’ll be doing them a big favour for the future by ensuring they can spend plenty of time out in the sun without risking a burn.

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