New Year: 10 of the Best Resolutions for Kids

Posted on 14/12/2021 by Room to Grow
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new year's resolutions

Setting New Year’s resolutions is a time-honoured tradition for many. It is a way to assess the past year and look forward, thinking what you may do differently and how you can better yourself. Setting New Year’s resolutions isn’t only for adults, it can also be a good thing for children as they learn how they can improve themselves. Goal setting such as this teaches children responsibility; something which they will carry with them into adulthood. It is best to start this from a young age as it is more likely to become a habit this way.

I will keep my room tidy

For children this is an important habit to develop, by keeping their room tidy they will learn valuable skills about organisation which they will keep into adulthood. They need to learn to be proud of their own space and to look after it.

I will eat my 5 a day

Healthy eating is important for children but something they often don’t like to do, setting a goal to eat 5 fruit and veg each day is a good way to start healthy eating and make sure they are getting their nutrients.

I will concentrate more at school

Understanding how important school is, is essential for kids. They need to know that the most important thing is they try their best, whatever their best may be. As long as they concentrate they will be improving.

I will watch less TV

We all enjoy sitting down after a long day and winding down in front of the TV but it can have a negative effect on our health; especially our sleep. It is also time that we could use for other things. Instead of watching TV they could instead do homework or read a book or even play outside if the weather permits.

I will try new foods

This one is great for the fussy eaters! Make it more specific by saying ‘I will try a new food every month’. This is a great way to encourage children to try new things and they will feel accomplished in doing so.

I will be kinder to my siblings

We all know siblings don’t always get along but there is a lot to be said for being kind. Making a conscious effort to be kinder to their siblings will help children develop valuable social skills which they will carry into adulthood.

I will help my parents with chores

Getting some extra help around the house is always welcomed, but it can also teach kids a valuable lesson; both in tidying up but also in helping others. It is important for children to understand what their parents do and be appreciative of it.

I will go to bed on time

This is a great way to enforce routine. Ensuring a proper bedtime is a great way to encourage a good quality night’s sleep. This resolution will help improve their health, wellbeing and school performance among many other things.

I will be kinder to others

Being kind to others is a great trait to have, and it is important that children understand why. Trying to be kinder to people is a great way to teach children valuable social skills and the importance of being a good person.

I will put my toys away when I’m done with them

This is a great trait to encourage children to have, it will see them through their teenage years and adulthood as well. Getting into the habit of cleaning up after yourself in whatever manner is a key skill to develop.

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