Top 6: Children’s bedroom theme inspiration

Posted on 14/05/2021 by Room to Grow
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A superhero themed bedroom styled by Room to Grow

Kids tend to have vast imaginations and by enabling them to express this in their own space you can encourage their creativity. By creating a space based on their own interests you can ensure they will delight in spending time in there. Having a themed room can provide endless fun. There are a number of ways to introduce a theme into a child’s room whether it be through furniture, accessories, wall décor or a themed bed frame itself.

A superhero themed bedroom styled by Room to Grow

An under the sea theme can work really well for both boys and girls as you can tailor it specifically to your child’s interests. For example, if they are a fan of mermaids you can include some elements of this in their bedding or soft furnishings; similarly, if they enjoy sharks or pirates. A good base for an under the sea theme is a pale blue wall or sea themed wallpaper. You can then build on this with pictures of fish and other sea creatures.

Dinosaurs always hold so much fascination for children; creating a theme based around them will ensure a fantasy world they can admire and enjoy. Some creative ways to incorporate the Jurassic theme is to create a wall mural either with paint or stickers or introduce dinosaurs through your choice of bedding. It is likely that if your child desires a dino themed room that they are a fan already, so why not utilise what you already have and decorate with some of their favourite toys.

A safari theme is a fun and popular choice for a kid’s room, there are a variety of patterned bed spreads and cushions which compliment the theme perfectly. A patterned wallpaper works great for a safari theme, particularly when paired with an authentic wooden floor and a fun rug. Similar to the dinosaur theme, you can always incorporate toys into the rooms decor and use them as accessories. To make use of the wall space, get creative and paint animals or a background image such as rocks, a river or grassland.

Sport themed kids’ rooms are nothing revolutionary but are still a great way to allow your little ones personality and interests shine through their bedroom design. Let them choose their favourite sport or team, and there will likely be plenty of themed bedding and wallpapers related to it. For example, football fans can choose from a wide range of bedding, wall stickers and themed-accessories, such as clocks. If they play for a team and have won any medals or trophies from tournaments, make room to display their silverware! If you want to go all out, you can even get football pitch wallpaper.

The fairy-tale theme is a broad one; it can be interpreted as a more generic prince or princess theme or, can take inspiration from your child’s favourite fairy-tale, such as Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast. There are plenty of fantastic additions that will really bring a fairy-tale princess themed room to life, from dainty fairy lights to draping a pale pink throw over your child’s room, accessories will help to transform their bedroom into a magical sleep haven.

This theme is similar to the under the sea theme, but this time above the water! This is a great theme for both boys and girls and is sure to age well. A great way to decorate for this theme is with shells and nautical accessories; you can even create jars with stones and sand collected from different beaches that you have visited to add a personal touch!

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