How To: Style Your Home In The Transitional Months

Posted on 27/09/2021 by Room to Grow
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How To: Style Your Home In The Transitional Months

We’re into the colder months – but no, that doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom from here! You can create a snug feeling of autumn and winter in your home to keep things cosy and homely as the weather starts to turn. It doesn’t have to be permanent or expensive, either – there are plenty of ways to subtly add to your already existing décor to get that snug, warm atmosphere. Below are our top tips for styling your home in these transitional months – think hot chocolate, knitted jumpers and a roaring fire.

Cushions with colour and texture

A great way to get into the autumn spirit if your rooms have a neutral tone is to get some beige, brown or orange cushions. This is easy to do as you can store them over the summer months and then bring them out as the days start to get shorter, instantly changing the style of your home. You can get some beautifully textured cushions to really give the room that cosy, warm feel. How many you get depends on the size of your sofas, as you don’t want to crowd them. If you have existing cushions you don’t use any more, you could also pick up new materials and recover them for a fresh new look.

Cushions with delicate red colours complimented by a soft brown wall


Another easy way to make a room feel cosy in the cold months is by adding a rug.  Like with the cushions, you can put it away for the summer months and get it out as September looms – great over wooden floors especially! The size of the rug depends on the size of the room, but it is usually best as a central feature, so under a coffee table or in front of the fire. The colour scheme of course depends on the room’s interior, but for an autumn feel a grey, beige, orange or a deep red works well. Like in this image, grey compliments all other colours and is therefore ideal, but if your interior is minimalist you could also get a bright or patterned rug to bring the room to life.

A fire warms a cosy room with a comfortable sofa

Candles and the fireplace

Another way to create a snug autumn feeling in your home is by lighting some candles and getting the fire going. Nothing seems to say cosy like an open flame, so cleaning out your fireplace and getting some fresh logs can go a long way to creating a great winter atmosphere – as well as keeping you warm and toasty! If you don’t have a fireplace, or you’re just looking for some extra ambience, you can add some candles for a similar feeling of cosiness. If you are worried about an open flame in your home, you can invest in a lantern feature like the ones shown in the image below, as this creates the same effect. They also look adorable.

A room lit with candles above a fireplace, along with a cosy couch

Throws and blankets

Simple, warm and oozing autumnal style – a faux fur throw is a must have for the colder months of the year. You can drape it across your sofa, fold it neatly in a corner, or wrap it around yourself as you watch TV – ideal for those freezing winter evenings! You can even hang it up on a wall to create a stylish wall hanging, making the whole place warmer and giving your home a simple, stunning autumn touch. It doesn’t just stop at fur throws, either – blankets of any kind are great to make the room homely and cosy as the days get shorter and the air colder. They look perfect on the end of a bed, or hanging on the back of a chair – your kids will love to snuggle up in them!

Throws and Blankets on a couch

Fairy Lights

As an alternative to the open flames from candles and the fireplace, fairy lights create an ambience and that cosy autumn feeling without any hassle. They can be hung up like in this image in front of a window, on a mantelpiece, on the wall, across kitchen cupboards – or pretty much anywhere! They give the room a snug, subtly Christmas-like feel, easing you into winter and counteracting the cold outside with their cuteness. What’s more, you can get energy saving LED lights which are better for both the environment and your wallet, so you don’t have to worry about adding to global warming, or your winter electricity bill!

A dark room illuminated with fairy lights at night time

Wreaths and flowers

Nothing says autumn like bright oranges, reds and a deep bronze – and what better way to get those colours than from nature itself? In this image, from the simple leaves displayed, to the pumpkins on the floor and the wreath above the fire, it is the perfect autumn scene! Deep orange and red flowers would also work to add the colour scheme into your home, as well as giving the place a real sense of life. You can get artificial versions of all of these too so that they don’t decay – or you could go out into the woods and create the real McCoy. As you approach Christmas, you can replace your items with similar ones in deeper reds and greens to set a festive scene!

Room decorated with flowers, illuminated by a fire place

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