Top Three Best Role Models For Your Children

Posted on 18/11/2021 by Room to Grow

Top Three Best Role Models For Your Children

2497799186_0a3d123d78_zFirst things first, what is a role model? It’s defined as a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated or emulated. Copying in this way really is a sincere form of flattery. A role model distinguishes himself/herself from others in such a way that others admire them and want to be like them, socially, behaviour-wise, lifestyle, etc.

A role model will need the following five qualities in order to live up to expectations:

Clear Set of Values

Role models behave in such a manner that their values are clear to see. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk – its part of who they are.

Passion and Ability to Inspire

Role models are passionate about what they do and this passion is essential to inspire others. Role models are dedicated to spreading their passion to others, often becoming teachers.

Ability to Overcome Obstacles

Success should not be measured by the position you attain, but more by the obstacles you overcome in order to get there. Good role models can be distinguished by the fact that they handle problems and disappointment with good grace. It’s easy to behave well when everything is going smoothly and you’re facing success, its how you behave when you’re up against it that is important.

Selfless and Accepting of Others

A great role model will be accepting of others who is different from them – they will overcome social barriers and be able to communicate with a wide range of people from all walks of life. They will be selfless in their behaviour and attitude towards others.

Commitment to Community

Role models are usually focused on other rather than on themselves and are very often active within their communities, whether at school, at work, at home – everywhere and anywhere.

Here are the Top Five Role Models for Modern Kids:

  1. Mum and Dad – Like it or not, as parents you are the main teachers of your children. They learn most from you – the way you live, the way you behave towards others, how you communicate, how you dress, how you speak – everything. Kids learn by copying parents so you are their most important role models.
  2. A Special Teacher – Most children during the junior school years will have a special teacher that they connect with and adore. This is great for Mum and Dad as you can always use the “What would Miss So and So think?” line. A good relationship with a favourite teacher is always a positive thing for children, it will promote good behaviour and make them eager to learn.
  3. A Best Friend – young children in junior school will often have a really special friend that they see as a good role model. The child in question won’t always be a great role model as that’s a bit much to ask of any child. However as long as the other child is a nice, well behaved child, the friendship should be encouraged.

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