Top Tips for Deep Cleaning your Child’s Bedroom

Posted on 13/02/2022 by Room to Grow
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Top Tips for Deep Cleaning your Child’s Bedroom

Children seem to accumulate mess and dirt way quicker than the rest of us and therefore it is so important to frequently deep clean their rooms to avoid the dirt building up and becoming too much. Ideally, you should be looking to deep clean your child’s bedroom 3-4 times per year. Keeping up to regular cleaning alongside this will help to keep the mess to a minimum and reduce the amount of deep cleaning you’ll need to do.

Work from the top down

The first step in a deep clean should be to dust. Start by dusting from the tallest item and then work downwards. This method ensures that you catch any dust which falls to the furniture below; starting at the bottom would mean all your lowest furniture would just be dusty again by the end of it.

Use a pillowcase for dusting

Whilst dusting rags and cloths are great, using an old pillowcase is super handy and can even prove more effective. For regular surfaces any kind of cloth or duster should do just fine but for trickier to dust areas such as blinds, a pillowcase is great. Place your hand into the corner of the pillowcase and go back and forth on each slat to collect all of the dust.

Vacuum everything

Once you’ve dusted, now it is time to get the vacuum cleaner out. You can vacuum pretty much everything in the room. Vacuum the entire floor, making sure to move furniture and vacuum underneath; you will now be collecting all the dust which fell from the rest of the furniture. Once you’ve vacuumed under everything and put it back, use the attachments to vacuum the skirting boards and hard to reach areas. The upholstery tool can then be used to vacuum the mattress. You can also deep clean the mattress should it need it.

Flip the mattress

Unless the mattress requires a deep clean, you can flip it. Flipping the mattresses will mean that the new side is completely clean and fresh. If you flip the mattress each time you deep clean, you should only need to thoroughly clean the mattress twice a year; but, still make sure to vacuum it and clean any stains.

Wash all the toys

Once all the vacuuming is complete, it is now time to wash everything. This includes cloths, toys and bedding. Wash all the toys on a hot wash to ensure they are thoroughly clean. The most favourite toys should be washed on a delicate setting; you don’t want to ruin any of your child’s most treasured toys.

Wash the bedding

Although this is a step you’ll be doing often, it is important to do so when you deep clean the room. You don’t want to be putting dirty bedding back on to a clean mattress. Make sure to wash the bedding according to the instructions on the label; a hotter wash will kill more bacteria.

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