What Is a ¾ Bed and Who Is It Suitable For?

Posted on 14/05/2021 by Room to Grow
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A ¾ Bed is essentially a double bed, but smaller. The idea behind these smaller beds is that they are ideal for children, or adults, who want a little extra room than they may get in a single bed but don’t have enough space, or aren’t ready for, a full-size double bed.

As children grow, it is likely they may want to transition to a bigger bed; both for extra space when they are sleeping but also to feel a little more ‘grown-up’. It isn’t always possible, however, to switch out a single bed for a double bed. Double beds are generally much bigger than singles and some bedrooms just don’t have the space for them however we have a wide collection of small double beds forsale which work well for smaller bedrooms.

What is a ¾ Bed?

A ¾ bed is a small double bed. They are the same length as a standard double bed, but they are narrower. Small double beds are generally used as a stepping stone for children who may have outgrown their single bed, or those who don’t have the necessary space for a double bed.

Where Would a ¾ Bed be Suitable?

A ¾ or small double bed is suitable for any bedroom, for both children, teenagers and adults. They are generally used in rooms where they may not be enough space for a double bed, for single sleepers who would like a little extra room or for children and teenagers transitioning to a double bed.

What Mattress Do I Need?

For small double beds, you will need a different mattress than for a standard double bed. The mattress size required for a small double bed is 120cmx190cm. When it comes to purchasing bed linen for a small double, you can find specific bedding if you wish however you can also use double bedding for a little extra comfort and cosiness as well as more choice.

¾ Beds for a Child’s Room

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of ¾ beds which are perfect for a kid’s bedroom.

Upholstered ¾ Beds

Upholstered beds are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your child or teenager’s bedroom. With different beds available in different shades and colours there are plenty to choose from. Upholstered beds are plush and comfortable, perfect for growing teenagers.

¾ Beds with Storage

If space is a concern, kids beds with storage are perfect! You don’t have to worry about the extra space you will be using for the slightly bigger bed. Choosing a bed with integrated storage such as underbed drawers means you have plenty of storage space; integrated into a necessary piece of furniture and taking up no extra space.

Wooden ¾ Beds

Wooden ¾ beds are a great steppingstone to a standard double bed and generally offer space underneath for some underbed storage; perfect if you need the extra space. You can store boxes filled with clothes, bedding and even toys underneath to keep the bedroom neat and tidy.

Making the move to a bigger bed is an exciting time for a child, and a ¾ bed from Room to Grow makes a great transition; and can be used for years to come.

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