Yorkshire Day: How to Design a ‘Best of Yorkshire’ Kids Bedroom

Posted on 01/08/2021 by Room to Grow
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Green grassy hills and stone walls in Yorkshire

As the UK’s largest county, Yorkshire has its own culture which is celebrated by many. Those who are Yorkshire born and bred are proud to be so, whether it be from the north, south, east or west. Room to Grow is proud to be a Yorkshire born company. Hailing from the home of Yorkshire Tea and Yorkshire Puddings, Room to Grow began in idyllic Ilkley, West Yorkshire and has since grown its e-commerce offering; delivering children’s beds and furniture across the UK.

To celebrate all things Yorkshire, it is only right that annually on the 1st August we recognise Yorkshire Day. Beginning in 1975, the day exists to celebrate Yorkshire culture and people. On the 1st August, there are many events taking place across the county to celebrate and promote Yorkshire culture. If you are local to Yorkshire, there will likely be something taking place near you. Official celebrations are taking place in Ripon, North Yorkshire for 2019 as they did in 2018.

At Room to Grow we’re celebrating Yorkshire Day by giving you some top tips for creating a ‘best of Yorkshire’ kids’ bedroom:

Animal Teddies

When many people think of Yorkshire, the first thing to come to mind may be the vast countryside and the farm animals that dwell on it. There are numerous ways to incorporate this view of Yorkshire into children’s bedrooms; animal teddies are a great nod to the county which can be displayed in a child’s room in a fun and playful way. To display this symbol of Yorkshire proudly, you can arrange the animals on a shelf or on the bed when they aren’t being played with, or check out our range of animal heads, a unique twist on teddies!

Interior Design

There are a few different ways you can channel Yorkshire through interior design. You could choose to carry on a farmyard feel and choose a barn-like interior; think authentic wooden panelling, floors and furniture to bring a rustic, country vibe to the room. If this is your preferred route, look to add animal-themed finishing touches, from printed cushions to animal head wall décor. On the other hand, you could choose to embrace Yorkshire’s own white rose, by incorporating light floral designs and white furniture. Whatever you choose, what you think it means to be Yorkshire is personal to you and your child, so keep this in mind when designing their room.

Say it with Colour

If you’re a little reluctant to go all out with the Yorkshire themed room, you can make subtle nods to the county with your colour choices. The Yorkshire flag is blue with a white rose, the flower of Yorkshire, in the centre. Blue and white are very versatile colours which can be incorporated into a child’s room in many ways; such as through their bedding or throw. If you’re feeling a little bolder you can paint the walls blue or white; or both.

How are you going to celebrate Yorkshire Day? Whether you spend it at home or at one of the many events across the county, we hope it is a day to remember.

The Yorkshire flag flying against blue sky.
The Yorkshire Rose

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