Children’s Theme Beds Buying Guide

Kids theme beds…novelty beds….whatever you want to call them. These beds are brilliant and cleverly designed to inspire you child and turn their imagination into a reality.
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Anne Davies

Mum of a tweenager and owner of Room to Grow. Anne works with the world’s leading manufacturers to source the best bunk beds, high beds, mid sleepers and low beds in all varieties. She knows as a parent how tricky it can be choosing the right bed that gives the optimum storage, study and sleep space without compromising on style. An expert in helping parents find the right bed for their child and creating a dream bedroom.

Kids theme beds…novelty beds….whatever you want to call them. These beds are brilliant and cleverly designed to inspire you child and turn their imagination into a reality. Children have big ideas and imaginations and a theme bed can really encourage development and imaginative play.

Thinking About A Theme Bed?

When you are designing your child’s room you may decide to keep the décor neutral but then by adding an amazing theme bed, you will really create the ultimate wow factor! Often a bed is the main focal point of a bedroom and with a fun theme bed you will not disappoint!

There are so many brilliant designs to choose from…does your child love boats, cars, castles, teepees, trains, cute playhouses…the ideas are endless and you will brighten up their bedroom and make it a fun place to spend time in and encourage them to sleep in a bed they love.

Some of the younger designed theme beds are low to the ground and are smaller in size than a standard UK single bed. They are typically halfway between a cot and a full size single bed. This is always a good option if your room space is limited. These are largely designed for toddlers with safety in mind so it should give you some peace of mind and not worry about them falling out of bed in the night and hurting themselves. Many designs have partial sides or a safety rail to ensure that your little one has access in and out of the bed and help to stop them tumbling out during the night.

These beds are great if your little one needs more encouragement and persuasion about going into their first big bed. They will love helping you choose their very own all singing all dancing theme bed and allow them the reassurance and encouragement they need to make the change and sleep in their new bed.

There are many other theme beds that are full size UK or European singles so your child will grow to their bed. From a house theme bed or tree house bed, older children will love the adventure.

Here are some frequently asked questions by our customers that you may find helpful in selecting your theme bed.

What Age Is Appropriate For A Theme Bed?

A child can go into a low single theme bed once they have outgrown their cot which is usually around 18-36 months onwards.

Raised theme beds and anything with a ladder such as a tree house bed etc., are designed for children over 6 years old.

How Long Will My Theme Bed Last?

Unless your theme bed is specifically a small toddler bed, a theme bed will last as long as your child still enjoys the adventure and excitement of a novelty bed. This may be age 8, 10, 12 or 14 … each child is so individual in their tastes and wants.

What Safety Issues Should I Consider?

  • When your theme bed is correctly assembled, it will be structurally safe. Safety issues come with not assembling the bed frame correctly. Please read the assembly instructions carefully, step by step, before you start the build to ensure you understand the steps involved.
  • If you need to fit a temporary safety rail, ensure that the design of your theme bed allows for this. If it does, then please ensure that the safety rail it is fitted securely.
  • We recommend that you only use the correct size mattress for the bed as specified on the product page.
  • Don’t place the bed directly under a light fixing or ceiling fan, unless of course there’s plenty of clearance and the child will not hit their head on it.
  • Regularly check and ensure that the bed is free from damage, and that all fixings are secure.
  • Do not use substitute parts that are not designed for use with the bed. Always contact us for replacement parts.

What Are Theme Beds Usually Made From?

Theme beds come in a wonderful range of designs and finishes. Because there are so many designs out there, they can be a very fun and vibrant way to add colour and a theme to a room.

Theme beds can be made of metal, wood, fabric and even plastic. Plastic moulding allows for more creativity where bed design is required and are very easy to wipe down and care for – great for younger children! 

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