High sleeper beds are recommended for children over 6, but one of our mid sleeper beds might be the perfect alternative option. The stairs do differ by design and if you are concerned about safety Room to Grow offer high sleeper beds with deeper, larger staircases which are safe and practical for younger children, over 6, whilst also offering a stylish, modern finish to the bed.

With endless design and storage options you will be sure to find a high sleeper bed which is ideal for any child, but for more information take a look at our guide all about the various benefits and features of Mid Sleeper & High Sleeper beds.

From cabin beds to children’s double beds, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect children’s bed with Room to Grow today.

What is a high sleeper bed?

A high sleeper bed, by name, is the highest elevated bed. Similar to mid-sleepers and cabin beds but their height means the under bed space can be used for storage, wardrobes, study areas and relaxation areas.

What age is appropriate for a high sleeper bed?

It is recommended by manufacturers that due to safety standards, only children aged 6 and above sleep on a high sleeper bed.

Are high sleeper beds safe?

High sleeper beds are structurally safe when properly assembled and constructed following safety guidelines and instructions. To ensure safety, guidelines should be followed, and children should not play at height.

What’s are the main advantages of a high sleeper bed?

The main advantage of a high sleeper bed is the amount of space available underneath and the minimum amount of floor space consumed. The underneath can be used for a sofa, desk and storage solutions.