Understanding the Benefits of Mid & High Sleeper Beds

Understanding the Benefits of Mid & High Sleeper Beds

There are so many things to consider when selecting a bed for your child such as style, space, functionality, storage and study as your child grows.

Space often becomes a premium as children grow and most families will have had their fair share of smaller-bedroom woes. It may seem like bedroom furniture options for a smaller space are confined, however, this is far from the truth.

If you’re looking for bedroom furniture, particularly kids beds, we offer practical solutions that are Mid and High Sleeper Beds.

The difference between a Mid Sleeper and a High Sleeper bed

As the name suggests, these are beds that have a frame that raises it either 'mid' or 'high' above the floor. The primary difference is the overall height of each bed frame.

Mid sleeper and high sleeper beds offer a whole host of advantages.  With a raised bed and an expansive storage zone underneath, there are many styles, furniture combinations and smart features available that you can find to suit your space.

As the names suggest, a high sleeper bed is a tall, elevated bed frame that your child can use in many different ways.

In fact, it’s raised high enough that the space underneath can be easily accessed by kids and their parents, one of the key reasons that is has become so popular.

With the main sleeping area at the top of the ladder and open space beneath which can be kitted out with additional

furniture such as a children's wardrobe, pull-out chair bed and oodles and oodles of storage. If you’re thinking of investing in a high sleeper then one important thing you’ll need to consider is the height of the bed versus your ceiling height and make sure there’s enough headroom for your child to sit up in bed and get up and down the ladder easily.

For example, if you have a young child that loves to play ‘pretend’ a mid- sleeper bed affords the room to put a ‘castle’ or ‘fort’ under the bed where your child can play, imagine and have a lot of fun. Some come complete with everything needed to make the castle or fort too, while others come plain but can be adapted and modelled however the child sees fit. A simple curtain over the one side and presto, instant hiding place.

What Is A Mid-Sleeper Bed?

A mid sleeper bed is lower to the ground and typically mid-height between the floor and an average high sleeper.  It will typically have a shorter ladder or staircase which leads up to the raised bed so it is great for younger children as they are not too high up.  This lower format is very popular indeed as they are super clever at combining lots of incredible under bed storage and functionality into a lower, compact space.

For example, if your child is a little older a mid sleeper with study area complete with pull out desk, shelves and storage area can be placed under the bed, saving precious space in the child’s room while giving them a study area that will be inviting and comfortable. Speaking of saving space that’s one of the best reasons to get a high sleeper bed because it can save a tremendous amount of floor space if, for example, the area underneath is used for studying (as mentioned) or for storage. Some high sleeper beds have nothing but storage underneath, including shelves, drawers and so forth that can store a myriad of bedroom things like toys, books and of course clothing.

The Ultimate Space-Saver Beds

Both a mid and high sleeper are designed to maximise floor space in a room.

Children’s bedroom furniture needs to be practical but combined with the need for a quality, robust, durable bed frame that is designed for longevity.

If room size is a factor, there really isn’t a magic trick to designing the layout of a smaller bedroom, however, the real key is to keep it simple. A mid sleeper or high sleeper bed should be considered as they have so many features packed in that they are totally self-sufficient with everything you will need, magically creating the illusion of space.

There are many benefits of both mid and high sleepers and both bed types are suitable for children over 6 years as they combine the perfect space for sleep, study, storage and play.

Children love sleeping up high, and, if you can create a fun and functional environment for your child then they are more likely to want to spend time in their personal space for studying or entertaining their friends.

Sleeping Well

We’ve already touched upon the height of a mid and high sleeper but your child will need to feel safe and comfortable in their bed.  If your child feels safe and happy, then it’s sure to relax them and help improve their night’s sleep.

Sleep is vitally important for a child’s growth, health and general development so it is very important to ensure that they will feel comfortable sleeping on a raised platform…and most kids do love it! As long as you consider and invest in a quality, robust and durable mid or high sleeper bed frame, then they will have everything thing they need to support them as they grow.

Storage Saviours

Organising and creating efficient storage for your child’s room is paramount. Both mid sleepers and high sleepers offer fantastic multifunctional storage furniture that will serve a growing child’s developing needs over the years.

Mid sleeper and high sleeper beds come with many storage options so they are equally as versatile as each other.  Options include storage drawers, cupboards, shelving, bookcases, wardrobes, trundle drawers and a pull-out chair bed/futon, which can be utilised as an extra sleeping space when friends come over to stay.

The lower height of a mid sleeper bed ensures storage is easily accessible and has been designed to allow children to access and tidy away their own belongings. Younger children will have ample headroom underneath to play.

A high sleeper naturally has a taller under bed clearance meaning that children of all ages should be able to stand up under the bed frame which is perfect when using an under bed wardrobe or study desk.

All of these storage options eliminate the demand for extra furniture in their bedroom, meaning you can optimise their space better. Having a fun and different storage solution could also encourage children to tidy up after themselves, helping them to become more independent, by supporting better organisation skills.

Study Space

Children of all ages will make use of a desk, and as children grow, it’s great to keep in mind that their room will need to have the capacity for a place where they can study quietly.

A common, freestanding desk can take up a lot of unnecessary space so having a built-in desk is a brilliant solution. A desk can be fitted within both a mid and high sleeper frame – there are lots of different designs and styles available.

Typically, a mid sleeper will have either a modular freestanding children's desk that you can pull out when it’s time for homework, or it will have a fabulous pull-out desk that easily slides in and out when needed.

A high sleeper tends to have a built-in desk that attaches neatly to the bed frame.  Many designs come with shelving above and storage cubes below too.

Whatever bed style you opt for, a desk will always offer a roomy workspace and stacks of additional storage which is perfect for storing away toys, games, books, homework, stationery and those endless art supplies.


A bedroom shouldn’t all be about sleep.  It should also be about creating a versatile and fun environment that your child will want to spend time in as they grow.

Younger children love it when their friends come around for a play date so a mid sleeper with an under bed tent is always an excellent choice. There are lots of fun and colourful play tent designs that can add so much personality and a pop of colour to any bedroom.  You can imagine the hours of fun your child will have creating their own special den and secret hiding place.

Or how about adding a fun slide? Can you imagine how much fun your child will have, zipping up and down their very own special bedroom slide!

Children are such dreamers, and a mid sleeper will certainly make their dreams come true!

A high sleeper is great for older children because you can create their own special study and chill out zone underneath the high bed frame. Many high sleepers have a chair bed which you can pull out for a sleepover or relax during the day. If you’ve got a child who’s really into their gaming, then it makes the perfect space to add a screen – it’s the perfect gaming zone!

Mid and high sleeper designs will allow you to be creative with your children's bedroom furniture selection so you will be able to pick and choose the perfect combination to suit your space and lifestyle.


Both a mid and high sleeper bed have the capability of hosting a sleepover, and kids love sleepovers!

Some mid sleepers will include a great trundle drawer so all you need to do is pop a mattress into the drawer et voila, you have a sleepover bed in an instant!

Alternatively, a high sleeper can include a fabulous pull-out chair bed which come in a wide range of colours so you can really give a space a great injection of colour. Great for relaxing, entertaining and as a sleepover bed – it’s a really great solution for your home.


Deciding on a mid sleeper or high sleeper is a great investment as many of these beds can later be converted into lower formats, such as a single bed if the child so chooses.

Many premium brands offer a clever building system that gives you total flexibility as your child grows.  You can begin with a starter bed or single bed and then by using a clever extension kit, you can raise your existing bed frame to a cabin bed, bunk bed or high sleeper bed.

It is really clear to see why both mid and high sleeper beds are incredibly popular as they offer a wonderfully flexible design, integrating a multitude of great storage and features, as well as the fun factor for kids that love to play.

As you can see, the options really are endless but most importantly, a mid sleeper and high sleeper bed is as much about storage, study and play, as it is about sleeping. Take a look at our ultimate guide to children's beds for more information about other bed types.

Whether you're looking for more information on mid sleeper and high sleeper beds, or perhaps you're weighing the benefits of a cabin bed, then don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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