If you’re looking for bedroom furniture, particularly beds, for your children one of the most practical solutions on the market today are Mid and High Sleeper Beds. As the name suggests, these are beds that have a frame that raises it either ‘mid’ or ‘high’ above the floor. In fact, it’s raised high enough that the space underneath can be easily accessed by kids and their parents, one of the key reasons that is has become so popular. For example, if you have a young child that loves to play ‘pretend’ a mid- sleeper bed affords the room to put a ‘castle’ or ‘fort’ under the bed where your child can play, imagine and have a lot of fun. Some come complete with everything needed to make the castle or fort too, while others come plain but can be adapted and modelled however the child sees fit. A simple curtain over the one side and presto, instant hiding place.




If your child is a little older a mid sleeper with study area complete with  pull out desk, shelves and storage area can be placed under the bed, saving precious space in the child’s room while giving them a study area that will be inviting and comfortable. Speaking of saving space that’s one of the best reasons to get a high sleeper bed because it can save a tremendous amount of floor space if, for example, the area underneath is used for studying (as mentioned) or for storage. Some high sleeper beds have nothing but storage underneath, including shelves, drawers and so forth that can store a myriad of bedroom things like toys, books and of course clothing.



If your child is a teenager and needs a place to ‘chill out’ you can easily place a futon under a high sleeper bed so that they always have a place to relax and hang out.

Sleepovers are also a breeze when you have a high sleeper bed with a futon underneath.


There are even high sleeper beds that have the capability to be height adjusted so that, as your child grows, the bed grows with them (or at least gets higher off the floor). This can be especially convenient and economical as the need to get a different bed setup is removed. So if you’re looking for a child’s bed that is incredibly versatile you definitely need to have a look at high sleeper beds. With storage, study and play capabilities aplenty they may be the best beds on the market for kids, especially if their bedroom is small.

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