Kids mid sleeper beds offer a practical and attractive space saving solution for even the smallest of bedrooms. The multifunctional mid sleeper beds for box rooms offer optimum comfort and excellent storage which is a necessity for any child’s bedroom. Space saving solutions such as mid sleeper beds for children will also open up the floor space for activities or even a second bed.

Room to Grow mid sleeper beds come in variety of designs from contemporary to colourful and practical mid sleeper bed buying guide will help you select the perfect bed for your child. Check out the range of den beds which will provide your little one with endless fun and you with a hidden space for that bit extra storage. With plenty of options available, there’s a best mid-sleeper bed suitable for any child.

Integrated Mid Sleeper Beds for sale

Some children’s mid sleeper beds come with an integrated children’s desk, which would provide your children with their own personal study space to complete homework, and others are geared up to maximise storage space; incorporating drawers and cupboards to utilise the entire underbed space. For more designs that offer integrated storage and in some instances, a desk, take a look at the cabin beds available. In fact, you can discover the benefits of both mid sleeper & high sleeper beds in our resource guide.

Find your perfect mid sleeper and high sleeper bed with Room to Grow today.

Due to the height of mid sleeper beds, they are recommended for children over 6. Although models vary slightly, you will find that most designs come with three steps up to the bed which tend to be fairly deep, so that they are safe and practical for children over 6.

What is a mid sleeper bed?

Mid sleepers are similar to cabin beds but have a higher frame. They tend to be taller than cabin beds and will have ladders or stairs to the raised sleeping area.

What age is appropriate for a mid sleeper bed?

Mid sleeper beds are appropriate for those aged 6 and over, as recommended by manufacturers due to safety standards.

Are mid sleeper beds safe?

When assembled and constructed properly and according to manufacturer’s guidelines, mid sleeper beds are structurally safe. Safety guidelines should be followed including the maximum mattress depth and children should avoid playing on the bed in case of accidents.

What’s are the main advantages of a mid sleeper bed?

Mid sleeper beds can be really fun as well and super practical. They have ample space underneath for storage such as drawers and cupboards as well as room for a pull-out desk or play area.

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