Trundle beds offer a great solution both for extra storage and for having guests to stay. Perfect for a sleepover trundle beds have a pull out drawer which doubles as an extra bed. Don’t have your guests sleeping on the sofa, they can have their own comfy bed which you can easily put back away when they leave.

Children’s trundle beds from Room to Grow come in a variety of designs and styles so they effortlessly accompany any home design.

Single beds with trundle for kids also double as storage when not in use as the guest best is essentially a drawer. You may choose to store the guest bedding in there or if the bed does not get used often, it could be storage for whatever you choose.

As well as single beds with trundle, Room to Grow also offer bunk bed options, so you can essentially sleep 3 people. This is an excellent space saving solution and provides a great space for a sleepover.

Trundle beds are not only a practical solution for sleepovers and storage but also offer a stylish solution for smaller spaces.

Room to Grow trundle beds come in a wide variety of styles including day beds and bunk beds. Day beds are multifunctional and can double as a sofa during the day. By adding a trundle bed this makes them the perfect sleepover location.

With a wide range of designs and styles, you can opt for a trundle bed with even more storage – with some designs incorporating shelving that’s tucked into the frame of the bed; perfect if you are short on space.

Find your perfect trundle bed with our buying guide today.