5 Reasons To Choose Wooden Toys For Your Kids This Christmas

Posted on 11/11/2021 by Olivia Lowry

When it comes to gifts for the kids this Christmas, it can be tempting to over-spend and go with convenience, rather than quality. Wooden toys might seem old-school, but they’re making a real comeback this festive season. In this post, we round up why they’re a great sustainable option to consider when placing your order with Santa and his helpers!

Image of two wooden stacking rocket shaped toys and one small wooden car toy with a rabbit in it.
Wooden Stacking Rocket, Bright Stacking Rocket, Rabbit Racing Car


Unlike their plastic counterparts, wooden toys are much more hard wearing and likely to last longer. It’s amazing just how much use children’s toys can get, and what they go through. Toys made from wood are more than sturdy enough to withstand being left out in the garden, dropped down the stairs or pushed off the side for the millionth time!

Sustainable choice

We all know that plastic waste is one of the biggest contributors to ocean pollution, and in a recent survey by the British Heart Foundation, 28% of UK parents admitted to throwing away brand new plastic toys. Wood, as a more natural material is easier to recycle, and because of it’s overall durability, slows down the need for buying more toys when the old ones break.

Image of two role play wooden toys. One is a vlogger set which features a toy camera, light and mic, and the other is a toy hair dresser set which features toy scissors, hairdryer, clippers and straighteners. Both have storage bags.
Vlogger Set, Hairdresser Set

Imaginative play

Because they’re designed to last so much longer, wooden toys for kids have shown to encourage more imaginative play as children grow and develop. Sensory blocks can be fantastic for developing fine motor skills in younger ones, and role play toys are really fun for primary age children who love to play pretend with siblings and friends. Without sounds, electronics and screens, wooden toys can help to encourage more creative thinking and problem solving.

Safer for kids

Toys made with plastic can often have smaller parts which break off easily or shatter. For little ones still exploring things by mouth, wooden toys can be a great choice for teething phases. Smoother edges on wooden toys make for safer independent play for all ages, allowing your little ones to entertain themselves for longer whilst you’re close by.

Image of a toy small racing car with a rabbit in it, and a blue, pink and red wooden stacking rocket toy.
Rabbit Racing Car, Stacking Rocket

Value for money

Although the upfront cost of wooden toys can seem more than plastic, the value comes with their ability to really stand the test of time. For parents with multiple children, wooden toys are much more likely to be passed down through siblings, for everyone to enjoy. It’s helpful to start looking at how much use you think your little ones are getting out of their current toys, and which ones have been untouched, to decide which wooden toys are going to be of interest before buying.


It’s important to check that the wooden toys you’re buying aren’t using unsustainable methods of deforestation or mass production to create them. At RTG, we’ve partnered with a leading sustainable toy supplier to offer parents a brilliant, eco-friendly alternative to plastic toys. Our supplier upcycles surplus wood from rubber tree farms in Thailand, so you can be confident that no deforestation has been necessary in the manufacturing process. We’re proud to be able to offer a wide range of wooden toys as an option this Christmas season, and we’re confident your little ones will love them! To shop all wooden toys, click here.

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