Bedroom Must-Haves for Crafty Kids

Posted on 03/10/2021 by Room to Grow
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Bedroom Must-Haves for Crafty Kids
Children colouring and painting pictures.

The Big Draw is a literacy charity which promotes the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning and expression; since The Big Draw Festival was launched in 2000 it has helped 4 million people get into drawing as a form of expression. Beginning on 1st October The Big Draw festival encourages people all around the world to get drawing! Craft activities are extremely beneficial for children and adults alike; they help to foster a number of skills such as communication, listening, attention and imagination. It has been proven that craft-based activities also have the ability to enhance mental health and fine motor skills alongside helping children learn to identify shapes, colour and texture.

There are various ways you can encourage children to incorporate arts and crafts into their lives, even if you don’t have the space to have an entire room dedicated to arts and crafts there are plenty of ways you can give them a crafty corner in their bedroom.


Anyone who is into arts and crafts will know that you need plenty of storage to keep all your stationary neat and tidy. Cupboards are a great idea for storing arts and crafts materials as you can shut the door to hide any disarray without having to worry. Cubed storage units are also a great solution as you have options to have items on display or hidden away in drawers depending on your preference.

A Desk

A desk is a necessity for anyone who is into their arts and crafts; after all, you do need the space to work. Having a desk dedicated to crafts is ideal as it creates a designated area; making sure nothing spills over into the rest of the bedroom as this could cause a lot of mess. It can also help children to learn good study habits if they have a designated space to do work of any kind.

Pegboard Wall

Pegboard walls are useful for so many things and they look amazing! It is a great way to not only include some wall storage, but it can also be a place for children to let their imagination run wild and really be creative with what they hang on there. You can design your pegboard wall however you please; even hanging your creations on there. They are incredibly stylish, modern and versatile as you can swap and change them as and when you please.


As with pegboard walls, shelving is great as it doesn’t take up floor space; only wall space. You can place as many shelves as you please above a desk to act as handy storage. You can use them to store utensils in jars or even frame works of art to display on them.

As the month of October is dedicated to the Big Draw Festival why not use it as the perfect opportunity to get your family into arts and crafts and see what you can create together?

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